Does Animal Healing really work?
Does animal healing really work? - Animal Energy / Bio Energy Healing Therapy - Healing Courses OnlineAnimal Energy Healing has been used successfully for many years. Some sceptics have been known to look upon energy healing as a form of spiritual healing or a gift of some kind or even hokus pokus. However if you have ever witnessed the reaction of any animal receiving energy healing all these thoughts would soon be dispelled from your mind.

Anyone can apply these easy to learn energy healing techniques. Regardless of whether you have a pet cat or dog, a horse, rabbit, or bird - it makes no difference what type your animal is, energy healing is both simple and powerful. It has shown to be effective for many health problems be they physical, emotional or mental.

Distant healing is being used more and more these days and may be particularly effective when it is not possible to work physically on the animal. Distant healing can be carried out in close proximity to the animal or at a great distance even hundreds of miles away.  It is important to first get permission from the owner and set aside a prearranged time when the animal is at rest and not involved in any work, sporting activity or other physical exercises, before animal energy healing is carried out either at a distance or in person.

I request a photo and a sample of hair which I then attach to a model of the animal. I then carry out the healing session as though the animal is there in front of me. Animals appear to respond very well and tune in with the energy therapy session whether it be working on the animal itself or as a distant healing session. It can be quite amazing to watch an animal as they are receiving energy therapy. Firstly there cannot be a placebo effect and secondly the animal’s gestures and physical response can at times indicate where the source of the problems may be situated. An animal will appear to relax rather quickly as soon as the energy therapy commences.

Recently I worked on a German shepherd. At first this male called ‘Radar’ wasn’t quite sure what I was trying to do and thought at first I was trying to play with him.  After about ten minutes he lay down and spread himself out on the ground with his legs in the air and lay there like that for another 20 minutes. When I had stopped he continued to lie in that position as if he wanted more energy therapy.

Each time Radar was brought for therapy he would immediately run to the area where I had previously worked on him and lie down waiting for his therapy session. Animals just know instinctively when their bodies need healing and they seem to recognise energy healing as a natural form of treatment.

It is important to point out that prior to any kind of energy work on any animal a professional diagnosis should be carried out by a professional veterinary practitioner.

The aim of the therapist is to activate, facilitate and assist the body’s own natural healing process.

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