What is Animal Healing?
What is Animal healing ? - Animal Energy / Bio Energy Healing Therapy - Healing Courses Online
Animal energy healing is alternative or complementary therapy that is non-invasive. It may be used for a wide range of physical, emotional and mental issues. It can be used in conjunction with other body centered therapies including physiotherapy, plus any on-going veterinary treatment.

We would always recommend that a diagnosis be carried out by a professional veterinary practitioner prior to any therapy being provided or applied.

How can it help?
The use of Bio-energy healing therapy may be beneficial for a wide range of conditions, injuries and illnesses, and may also assist in resolving behavioural problems. Animal energy healing is not a substitute for veterinary care. Bio-energy healing for animals does not claim to treat, cure or heal any condition or illness.

The aim of Bio-energy for any animal is to activate, facilitate and assist the animal’s own natural process of self healing.

How does healing work?
At a quantum level everything is made of energy. Everything around us including our own bodies and the physical body of any animal is fundamentally comprised of fields of vibrating energy. This is sometimes called the biofield or energy field.

When an animal is unwell this energy field may be affected by blockages or imbalances in its life-force energy field. The aim of an energy healing therapist is to ascertain where these blockages may be situated.

The aim of the therapists is to apply specific techniques and applications to the animal’s energy field and the energy field of organs, glands, tissue and cells to help unblock these energy blockages and balance the animal’s energy field.

With any physical injury there may also be some form of emotional or mental ‘trauma’ as a result of the illness or injury. This may be stored within the energy field as an energetic blockage. When blockages have been dissipated and the animal’s energy field is balanced and harmonised the body may return to a state ‘homeostasis’, health and wellbeing.

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