Anxiety Therapy

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Anxiety can be a feeling of apprehension, unease, or an unknown sense of fear. Most people experiences feelings of Anxiety at some point or time in their lives. It could be waiting in the queue for a job interview, or waiting for the results of an important exam, or wondering if you have enough fuel in your vehicle to complete your journey.

All of these things we know will be over within a certain time.

Its when our heads start to get into the next phase of the possible effects if these things do or do not happen, we can become more and more anxious.

The feelings are normal, it’s when they start to control and affect our everyday lives that they become a problem.

A person may have attended their medical professional suffering with Anxiety related problems. This person may be aware of when their problems started.

It could have been as a result of physical, emotional or mental shock, trauma, accident or injury.

But in their own words they say “every time I think about what happened, I feel I am going to faint.”

“I can’t catch my breath.”

“I think I am going to die.”

No amount of persuasion or logic may change how this person is feeling.

Our role here as therapists would be to apply deep chakra Bio-energy therapy to the base chakra on all levels of the energy field to help decrease the intensity of the traumatic event. In doing so, this event then becomes more of a memory rather than a crippling emotion
Attention would also be given to the organs situated in the area of the chakra related to anxiety, anger and fear. We would apply sound healing therapy to organs, glands, tissues, muscles or cells that may be affected using sound healing instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and so on.

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