What is depression?

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Depression should never be ignored. Always consult your health care professional.

What is depression?
There are different levels and degrees of depression.
When we say “this weather is depressing” it doesn’t actually mean that the weather is getting the better of us.
When we say; “I am so depressed my get up and go is gone”.
Is this depression or is it physical, emotional or mental exhaustion?
“I feel so depressed since I couldn’t do more for my mother before she passed on”.
Does this mean our value on ourselves is less because we couldn’t do more or prevent an inevitable event?
“I feel so depressed since my relationship broke up”.
Once we depend on an external source for happiness or to feel good about ourselves we cannot be happy, because at any time we may lose our relationship, our job, our property, a loved one, or our health.

What can contribute to depression?

  • Feelings of abandonment, loneliness, or ongoing rejection – sometimes going as far back as childhood.
  • Bullying
  • Lack of self esteem, low self worth
  • Feeling constantly criticised
  • Never feeling able to come up to the expectations of family and friends
  • Peer pressure to be other than yourself
  • Never feeling good enough.
  • Feeling life is not worth living
  • Feeling people only value you for what you have to give – not on the person you are.
  • Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness

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