Learn to stimulate and activate the body’s own inner healing process

Learn to stimulate and activate the body’s own inner healing process

Energy healing methods date back thousands of years in its original form and has been practiced for centuries in different cultures across the globe. It is one of the oldest forms of healing and is so natural it only requires the use of your hands, the knowledge you can learn from this training course of knowing how it works , and how to apply it plus a positive intent.

Our Advanced Bio Energy Healing method is unique in its simplicity and effectiveness. It combines a number of modalities and healing techniques which together form the basis of a modality we have found to be successful when applied for a wide variety of health issues.

Advanced Bio Energy therapy uses hands-on and hands-off techniques to help activate and stimulate the body's life-force energy field system, using this pure energy to bring about balance where there may be imbalances or energy blockages and help boost the immune system, allowing the body’s own natural inner healing to take place.

Our body wants to be healthy – how can we help?

Our body wants to be healthy and given half a chance we can go through life with a minimum amount of illnesses.
However at times we ignore our body’s needs for healthy foods and activity introducing unhealthy foods and lifestyles, lack of exercise and the stresses of everyday living.
At other times; not allowing our engines to switch off, cool down and rest, limits our ability to heal, repair, recover and maintain good health and well-being.
When our energy is balanced, flowing freely and in synchronicity – we are healthy. However illness, sickness or disease can quickly set in when cells, organs and systems are operating out of sync and out of balance.

We are like waves in the ocean – separate but at the same time connected.

This is what is meant by “We are all one.” Each one of us is part of this one ocean, this one infinite field of pure energy – The Universal Energy Field of Pure Consciousness.

A healer “channels” life-force energy, acting like a ‘conduit’.

When you work as a therapist / healer or practitioner, using Advanced Bio Energy healing methods, you connect with the universal field of pure energy and act as a conduit, allowing this powerful life-force energy to flow through your body and to the patient or client.

Fundamentally Advanced Bio Energy healing is based on the most natural forms of healing – utilising our very own – pure life-force energy. The Advanced Bio Energy therapist / practitioner can learn the many simple techniques and applications which are used to help ‘tune in’ and work with this life-force energy.

Advanced Bio Energy healing techniques are then applied by the therapist / practitioner to help unblock and clear any blockages or imbalances they may find on the physical, emotional or mental level of the person’s energy field that may be causing pain, sickness, illness or disease.
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Your most asked question
What is an Energy Healer?

An energy healer is someone who is trained in the use of energy healing therapy methods and would use a holistic approach in order to help restore balance to an individual’s energy field at a physical, emotional or mental level. If you would like to know more about this online bio energy course click the link below.