How To Be A Healer
How To Be A Healer - Energy Healing - Healing Courses Online
Do you ever wonder if you have healing abilities? The answer is yes. Everyone has the ability to help themselves and others to heal. You may be acting as a healer every day of your life and not be aware of it. Someone asked me one day how they could be a healer. This question has been asked many times by people wanting to help. So I asked my guides, “What is a healer?” They said we have all got the ability to heal ourselves, but we also have the ability to help others to heal themselves.

We would all like to be able to help others more. We may feel that to heal we must be doing something major like healing a major illness, discovering a new healing remedy, or resolving somebody’s emotional problems. We live in a material based physical world of fast cars, fast living and highly advanced technology. It is a world of gadgets and quick fixes. Gadgets which remove much needed exercise and learnings from everyday life. We have medicines for quick fixes rather than taking the time to find the cause so as not to make demands on our time. A world of action rather than feeling.

What about the art of conversation, or the art of listening? Do we take the time to really listen? How many times do we listen without hearing? Do we give solutions without hearing the precise question? Do we answer before the question is complete? Do we give back the power to a person to heal themselves, or do we try to take over their healing process? The guides say, observe how you react the next time you are walking along the road and you meet your neighbour. Do you say, “Good morning, how are you,” but then walk quickly past them, in case they stop and start telling you just how they really feel?

Do you ask them how they are and then tell them they are looking great, all in the same breath? Do you cross the road to avoid them in case they keep talking for ten minutes, delaying you and keeping you late for your appointment or your work? Do you walk straight past them, pretending you did not see them at all?

If you want to be a healer, you could start by saying, “Good morning,” ask them how they are. They may reply that they have been out of work all week because of the flu. If you can offer some suggestion that may help, then do so, but there is no need to go into a long tirade about yourself and all belonging to you and all that happened to you last week and how you dealt with the flu. All you have to do is listen for a moment and perhaps make a few suggestions. It is up to them whether to heed you or not. It is that simple.
Now you have become a healer.
Another example is, if someone has a problem with their child, partner, spouse or family member and you spend even one minute really listening, then you are giving that person the space to heal. Now you are helping someone to heal. As a healer you do not need to take responsibility for someone else, but rather encourage them to use their own power to heal themselves. Imagine you have a bucket of water and you share this with your neighbour when he is thirsty. In relieving their thirst you are now helping them to heal. But you can also tell them where the well is, and in showing them where to find water, you are helping them to heal themselves.

Passing on information that may be helpful to someone is empowering him or her and is also a form of healing. You can help someone to heal by empathising with them, by sharing some of your experiences, and how you dealt with them, which may be similar to theirs. This may allow them to feel less alone and give them the courage to seek further help if necessary. Today, be a healer. Do one small task to help a neighbour or a friend.

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