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A brief introduction to the human energy field..
Everything in the universe and all living organisms have a vibrating energy field. Living cells, tissues, and organs, and the human body as an organism generates measurable electromagnetic fields, called subtle energy fields or bio-fields. Within the human energy field there are areas where this energy appears to be more focused and concentrated These areas are referred to as chakras or vortexes.

In his book Human Energy Fields, Dr. Colin Ross MD writes “The science of human energy fields unifies eastern and western medicine. It provides a method for studying therapeutic touch, acupuncture, kundalini yoga, and many practices in alternative medicine and traditional healing.  The core proposition of this science is that the human energy field, called chi, in Chinese medicine, and prana, in ayurvedic medicine, the human aura, life force energy, bio-fields, and the electromagnetic field of the body are one and the same thing”.

The principal of energy healing therapy is based on low level energy field interactions between the therapist and the client. Some of these concepts of energy healing techniques go back thousands of years. Try to imagine a field or energy similar to the magnetic field of energy which surrounds a magnet. Imagine it permeating and completely encompassing the physical body above, below and all around, and connecting us with our environment, other people, and the energy fields of everything else in the universe.

There is a belief that all illness has its origins in the body’s energy field. Research into the human energy field suggests that this energy field in and around our body keeps us healthy and revitalised, and also allows our life-force energy to flow uninterrupted. Blockages or imbalances on any level of our energy field may interrupt this flow of life-force energy, which may ultimately lead to illness and disease. “Blockages” or “imbalances” may occur in our energy field for many reasons.

These blockages or imbalances may be as a result of some suppressed emotional issues, accidents, injuries or traumas, which we may have experienced during our life going back as far as childhood or even pre-birth. Our lifestyle, habits, belief systems, our environment, stresses and how we cope with them, and how we treat our physical body, may all have an impact on our health and wellbeing. The energy that is created by our emotions, experiences, mental attitudes, thoughts and perceptions permeate via the chakras and our energy field to our cells, tissues and organs, and ultimately appear to possibly have their affect on our physical bodies.

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