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Carol – a case study. - Bio Energy Healing Blog - Healing Courses Online
Carol booked in for 5 bio-energy therapy sessions. She had been suffering with panic attacks and experiencing muscle tension and pain in and around the area of her back and spine. Carol has a good relationship and family support system. Carol had been suffering with panic attacks on and off over many years. These attacks had increased and intensified in the last 6- 8 months. 

She feels her fears may be related and have escalated since a date was set for her upcoming marriage, which is 6 months away; that she now feels is fast approaching. She is looking forward to being marred but not looking forward to the event itself, and is now feeling she may not be able to cope with the event.

He fear was not of people looking at her during the ceremony or reception. He fear was of the congregation being in the seats behind her where she will not be able to see them.

She feels she may panic and may have to leave the church. At work Carol would not sit in the staff dining room unless she could sit in a seat with her back to the wall. If she went out for a meal and was seated in the middle of the dining room, she would panic and have to be taken home.

Carol had developed coping mechanisms to help her to cope with everyday situations, life and events. If she was in the queue in a supermarket, bank etc, she would allow numerous people to go ahead of her so they wouldn’t be standing behind her. Although this was inconvenient and time-consuming it allowed her to cope.

If she was travelling in a car she would insist on sitting in the back seat. For this reason Carol had not learned how to drive. Carol had booked in for 5 bio-energy sessions. On the first session she lay quietly on the therapy table staring at the ceiling. She did not wish to speak or converse with the therapist before, during or after the therapy session.

Most of the information we had received on Carol was over the phone prior to her attending for therapy. On the second therapy session Carol appeared to be more relaxed. She said she did not notice any particular change in her fears following session one. She noticed no particular change following session two.

During session three when chakra clearing and balancing work was being applied to the base chakra Carol had been in a sleep-like state when she suddenly opened her eyes and proceeded to tell a story she just remembered. She recalled an incident that occurred in her early childhood.

She believed she was about 6 years old. She had been in hospital for over a week. She had been admitted suffering with a ruptured appendix. At the particular time parents weren’t encouraged and sometimes not allowed to remain with their children during a hospital stay.

Carol had been prescribed antibiotics by injection. Carol was terrified of the injections. As the days passed Carol’s fears intensified. She remembers screaming when the nurses or medical staff approached her.

At times she screamed when there was no sign of a needle or injection. The sight of the hospital staff triggered her fear. It was imperative that Carol received her medication because of the level of infection in her body.

It got to a crisis point.  As Carol got stronger she kicked and screamed as the nursing staff tried to administer her antibiotics by injection. As a last resort the nurses and staff stopped approaching Carol from an angle where she could see them. What they did was towait until Carol was relaxed and they then crept up behind her and gave her the injection before she could resist too much.

This approach continued for almost 2 weeks when Carol was discharged from the hospital. This intervention may have been a necessary last resort so that Carol could receive the necessary medication for her recovery. To Carol who was only 6 years old this was a traumatic experience.

Many years later when Carol was walking home from school, she was slightly ahead of her friends but she was on her own. One of her friends crept up behind her and pulled her backwards. She fell to the ground but wasn’t injured. When she was bullied years later it appeared to have compounded the first two incidents.

Carol had a clear recollection of all three separate incidents, but when she recalled the incident she experienced as a child in hospital, she cried and cried for all the years of trying to cope with her fears. All the years of which her life was controlled by fear. Carol cried for the child who was so terrified and traumatised, who couldn’t express her fears, who was so alone in her fears. She realised she is now an adult. She is not the child. It was a child who experienced the trauma, but she is now an adult healing and dealing with the memories of a child.

Sound therapy was introduced and applied during the fourth session, to help relax and re-align the muscles of her back and spine. Carol did not require a fifth session. Carol had a wonderful wedding day. She had a few moments of anxiety throughout the day. She applied her diaphramatic breathing techniques.

She reminded herself;”I am not the child. I am an adult now. I can take care of me. I am no longer controlled by fear.”
Carol learned to drive and drives herself every day to work from her new house in the countryside. She will be shortly taking a break from work to take maternity leave and preparing for a new member to join her happy family.

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