Did A Thief Steal Your Health
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Is there a thief watching your house (your physical, emotional or mental body)? The house in this story is your body. The thief is that cold, flu, virus or any other sickness or illness, that invades your body (your house) when you are busy,

or when you are absent or preoccupied with other people’s problems. It may be time to check your house (your body) and see how safe and secure it is. Are you absent from your house for longer than is necessary? Check in today on how your house is. (Check in on how your body, mind and spirit are today).

How are you feeling today?
Do you feel optimistic and happy, or do you feel tired and despondent? If you are optimistic and happy thank God, your guides, your angels and yourself for all you have. If you feel tired and despondent you may need to ask yourself why? What is happening for you? Have you been busy and preoccupied with everyone and everything but yourself? Do you feel you have had little return, for all you have done for others over the years? You may have some doubts about the condition of your health. You may be feeling sad or lonely. You may be feeling dejected. You may be feeling that nobody appears to have time for you or need you anymore.

Take a long look at your body, mind and spirit.
What do you know about your body? What age are you?
How many people have you taken care of and made provisions for over the years? How many people have you provided a home for?
Is your home now a bit dilapidated and run down? (Are you a bit dilapidated run down and burned out)?
Maybe it is time to return and stay a while, with the home that has provided for you over all these years. Your home (your body) is the temple for your soul. It deserves to be treated with
reverence and with respect. It deserves the best you can give it. It deserves all the time and patience you can give it. It deserves to be heard when it cries out.

The longer you spend in this house (this body) the better you will know it. The better you know it, the more you will tune in to its needs. The faster you tune in to its needs, the less likely you are to have any major health problems.

Ask yourself:
When was the last time you had a good look at your house (your body)?
What is the longest time you have spent in your own house recently? (What is the longest time you have spent focusing on yourself recently)?
    • Do you stand still, focus on yourself on a regular basis and ask yourself how you really feel?
    • Do you rush out of your home most days and only return home when it is absolutely necessary i.e. when something goes wrong, burst pipes etc? (Do you leave your body most days only to return when you get a pain)?
    • Are you busy minding, cleaning and repairing everybody else’s house (everyone else’s business)?
    • Did you know you had a thief in the house, a thief who was observing all of your behaviour?
    • How did the thief get in?

He got in when you were out. He had been keeping your house (your body) under surveillance for some time, and entered when you left your house and forgot to come home. Do you remember one particular day when you felt tired and unwell? You gave your neighbour a lift to town and then spent hours waiting for them. Further time was spent listening to them and trying to resolve their family problems. Time, which you badly needed to spend on yourself and your own health problems.  How many similar incidences have occurred in your life? The thief waited until you stayed away long enough from your house. You were looking after someone else’s house, (someone else’s issues) but neglecting your own. This was only one of the many opportunities the thief had to get into your house.

The thief, is the cold you got last Christmas upsetting all your Christmas plans, parties and dinners.  The thief, is your aches, pains and sicknesses. There may be many reasons for those aches and pains.

    • Are you stressed and overworked? Are you taking other people’s problems on board and carrying them around with you causing your stairs to creak? (Aches and pains in your back and neck).
    • Are your shoulders aching and overburdened? Are you trying to shoulder too much responsibility for others?
    • Is your kitchen in need of an overhaul? (Is your digestive system out of sync and not working properly due to poor dietary habits)?
    • How are the joists, (your joints), are they creaking under the pressure?
    • Is your plumbing system seizing up? (Do you have blocked arteries due to unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, poor maintenance)?
    • How is your fireplace? What does your hearth (your heart) look like? Is it cold and empty (no love, warmth or fire in your heart) or is it full of soot and decayed embers (old hurts which have not been dealt with, cleared away or resolved)?
    • Are your windows fogged up? (Are your eyes fogged up, you cannot see where you are going)?
    • Are your foundations shaky? (Do you have a shaky belief system)?
    • Are the doors in your house falling off their hinges? Are the locks broken? Are you unable to keep out unwanted visitors and thieves (no boundaries for yourself or others)?
    • Are your walls weak and unable to support the roof? (Have you had early life traumas and a lack of support from family and friends)?
    • How does the plaster look? Is it cracked and dried? (How is your skin)?
    • Is your roof leaking and allowing in the harsh elements? (Are the harsh events / happenings in life seeping in and saturating your being)?

The thief came and went. You changed the locks after the break-in. (You built up your immune system and made a half-hearted attempt to change your way of being). But the next opportunity you got, you stayed out of your house for a full week, not just a few hours or days. You spent endless hours getting everyone sorted out, such as the neighbours, the kids, the football club and the parent’s committee. You just did not have time to be bothered with that little pain in your chest. You thought to yourself “perhaps it is only indigestion and can be sorted out when I have time, but right now there are other much more important things to be done.”

You took on all the arrangements for your daughter’s wedding even down to choosing her dress. On the day of the wedding you hid your partner’s money to prevent him from drinking too much and spoiling the day. You wore yourself out trying to keep everybody happy and prevent family arguments. You have been absent from your house for some time again. The thief has been waiting for this opportunity. On the evening of the wedding, just as you thought you had everyone and everything sorted out, – he strikes again. This time the thief strikes hard. (The pain is very severe). He has broken into your house, severely damaging the plumbing system. The circulation is blocked and the pipes have clogged up. (The arteries have blocked up).

What do you do now?
Do you call the plumber (The doctor) for a quick fix, and then afterwards carry on as you always did, taking care of everything and everyone but yourself? Do you say to yourself, “Never mind I can let someone else worry about this house and let them give it a good overhaul.” (You could go to hospital and have a good check-up, after all why should you worry, when you can always pay someone else to sort out your problems)? The problem is that this is your house (your body) and a once off service is not going to save it. You may have to stay at home and keep vigilant day and night. (You may have to stay at home and watch your diet, take regular exercise, have regular check-ups, take care of yourself for a change, instead of involving yourself in everybody else’s problems). That is if you want to save this house (this body).

This new determination may last for a month or two or until you get your strength back again. Okay you have just regained your good health, when off you go again for the next six months, to every committee meeting, club event or worthy cause, indeed anything so that you do not have to go home and take care of yourself. (Maybe you are afraid to look at your own issues;
issues that you may have been trying to avoid for some time and may not feel able to deal with). You could be living in a world of denial.

This is the chance the thief has been waiting for. Now he can come and stay as long as he likes. The battle begins all over again, between you and the thief. The battle for you, is to claim back from the thief what is rightfully yours – (your good health). By now this thief knows your every move, he has been watching you for many years. This is his time and it is do-or-die for you. He has a name and he does not mind you knowing it, because it scares even the toughest people. You know it too. Where were you the first day he called? Come back before it is too late. You still have a chance, but you must act now. The longer you have been absent from your body, the longer it will take to become familiar with it and to know it again. But you can do it.
You can take charge of your life and your health, – before it is too late.

What can you do for you today?
Sit down. Take a deep breath. Feel any pain or any tension in your body. Ask yourself, do you need to make that appointment with your doctor or health care professional, which you have been putting off until now? How long is it, since you really looked at and tuned in to your body?

I will check every door and window in my house. I will put locks on my doors and windows where I have none. (I will create boundaries for myself and others).
I will find out what is causing the creaking in my stairs (my back).
I will check my kitchen (my digestive system, and my diet).
I will check my plaster (my skin).
I will stop covering up and plastering over the issues I need to deal with.
I will check my joists for wear and tear (my joints).
I will check my plumbing (my arteries).
I will check my fireplace and my hearth (my heart).
I will clear out any old soot or burned out embers (old issues) that may be preventing me from lighting a new fire (having new love and warmth in my life).
I will check my windows (my eyes) so I can see where I am going and what is happening around me.
I will check my drains. (I will check that I am not blocking the flow of energy through my body).
I will check my walls. (I will ask for the support I need).
I will check my foundations. I will check and see if there are any weak or damaged spots in the foundations of my life.
I will clear out and heal this area of my life.
I will replace these weak spots with good solid concrete. I will make sure I have good solid
concrete belief systems, that will support me in whatever I choose to do in this lifetime).
I will check my roof (my head). I will stop allowing negativity coming into my house (my life) by developing a positive outlook on life.
I will not burden myself with other people’s problems or issues.
I may need help to do all of this. I will not restrict myself in availing of whatever means that are available to me, in order for me to live a long and healthy life.
I call on my God, my guides and my angels, to help me and guide me home.

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