John – A case study
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John, age 17 attended for bio-energy therapy because of his overwhelming fear of falling which had started to impact on his family, social and college life. This fear had reached a peak when he had been away on holidays with college friends. He had been sleeping in a bed in the top bunk when he turned suddenly in his sleep and fell to the floor.

The distance was not far and he was not injured but his reaction to the fall was complete panic, fear and overwhelm. His friends at first laughed at him but when they realised he was not overacting they tried to reassure him, but to no avail. He was in such a state of fear and terror that he had to return home.

He had already attended his general practitioner suffering with anxiety attacks.
He had attended numerous clinics and medical professionals.
He had temporary relief at times but on this occasion, despite medical intervention his fear and panic did not abate.
His parents decided to book him in and bring him for 5 bio-energy therapy sessions.

On the first session he was a little agitated and restless during the session.
ON the second session he was much more relaxed.  John said he had slept a little better after the first session.
On the third session John went into a very deep state of relaxation. Approximately 40 minutes into the session John sat upright on the therapy table and said; “The road is getting closer.”

John’s father who was also in the therapy room appeared a little shocked.

John had had a flash back to where the initial fear of falling may have started.

When the session was complete, John sat up and described what had happened to him when he was approximately 4 years old.

His parents were moving house. They had hired a large container for their furniture removals.

As his parents were talking and organising with the removal company what furniture went where, John who had a reputation for disappearing and also climbing – along with his 3 year old sister went missing.

Family, friends and the removal personnel went searching for them.

The next thing that happened, they found the children running around in the empty container, the back of which was fully open. Before anyone could get to them John being the fastest runner of the two, ran out of the end of the container down onto his face on the road. He was knocked unconscious and hospitalised for over a week.

Applying bio-energy therapy to his base / root chakra appeared to have reduced the intensity of the trauma which John had buried in the sub-conscious mind. This had allowed the shock and trauma to return to the conscious mind as just a memory rather than a crippling and controlling emotion.

John returned for one more session of bio-energy but his fear of falling had completely dissipated.

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