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“Karma” can otherwise be called “Cause and Effect and it's in operation throughout the universe. In other words every action creates a reaction. Everything you have said or done in the past is affecting you now, and what you do, say or think now, is shaping your future.

When you pass once again into spirit you are given an opportunity to “look back” on your past life. You can then determine what you may have learned from that particular life and what you may still need to learn. You will see how you lived your life and once again see the affect your deeds and actions (good and bad) have had on others and yourself. If you so choose, your next earth life will include learnings, which you may need for your expanding awareness and evolvement. You can determine what sort of earth-life you would like to experience, and would best fulfil your needs.

In order to advance on our ultimate spiritual journey, we must know and understand the implications of our actions. Each of our acts has two direct effects or results (one that is immediate and one that is delayed); there are also wider repercussions or secondary effects. For example, take someone who in a moment of anger, breaks his neighbour’s window with his fist, and cuts his hand while doing so. The cutting of his hand is the immediate consequence, while the damages he must pay his neighbour constitute the delayed results. (If he does not make recompense, he will be forced to do so at some later time) The affects of his actions on others constitute the repercussions or secondary consequences.

The same law of the universe applies equally to our good actions. A good deed or action will in turn bring about “good luck,” and good reactions. We need to be aware of the consequences of any wrong-doings towards our fellow men, because if we do not repay and redeem them in this life then it will be registered in the universal energy field, and karmic repercussions will inevitably balance the debt eventually one way or the other.

Each being or spirit has its own individual path to travel. This is their free choice, chosen “in spirit” before they reincarnate and are reborn as a person here on earth. They must then deal with worldly conditions, laws, governments, the environment, relationships, stresses and pressures, plus many other factors that can impose restrictions on the full expression of their free will. The challenges they take on when they reincarnate, are to express themselves fully “who they are,” and “who they want to be,” within the confines of a physical existence. There is no such a thing as a fixed number of incarnations. This is up to the individuals themselves. You might be or you might meet a person who has returned to settle a karmic debt incurred by a wrongdoing in a previous life. Such a debt can be worked off in one crucial moment, or over six years of life, or it may take a lifetime or even more, in which case you will have to
return to “balance the books” in yet another lifetime. This is karma at work.

There may be times you feel the “burden of life,” is too much to bear, when you are paying off a past debt for ill-will, misdeeds, or past transgressions. If on the other hand you are one of those “lucky” people who seem to be able to do no wrong, or are always in the right place at the right time, you are probably reaping the rewards and benefits from past good deeds, either earlier in your present life or from past lives. From this, you may come to the conclusion that there really is no such a thing as luck, but only hidden design and karma.

In choosing your parents and their genetic factor, you were aware of the possible physical, mental, and emotional attributes you could acquire. We sometimes choose parents for what we see as negative aspects rather than their positive aspects. There is little point in choosing parents who are millionaires if we want to learn about poverty, that is, if they remain millionaires throughout their lives and we reap the benefits of their wealth. There is little point in choosing parents who will remain poverty stricken, if we need to learn about wealth, or if we need to learn about the abuse of wealth and power. There is little point in choosing a home and family for a lifetime of disharmony if we want to learn about peace and harmony and visa versa. There is little point in choosing a family where there is ongoing loss, grief, sadness and hurt, and very little experiences of happiness and joy, if we want to learn about joy, happiness and laughter.

The learning we choose can be long or short, but once we have experienced our initial learning (i.e. the reason we returned for an earth experience), we may choose to move on and experience many more learnings of different types, different lengths and from many varied, interesting, and exciting sources. Having been born, you are still free to choose the finer details of your experience, to make the best or worst of your life, to fulfil it or let it drift aimlessly, or even to embark on a career of cruelty, selfishness and destruction.

You are making that choice every day. Remember also, Fate is not some blind, illogical force that goes around impulsively bestowing its favours and punishments at random. Fate and Karma, is the outcome of personal, family, group, national, and racial events. You are at liberty and have free will at all times. You can choose how you affect the lives of those around you. You can shape your own destiny, you can shape your present life, and you can shape your own future, by what you do and how you do it now.

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