Lighting A Candle
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You may have recently called on your God for help. When you ask for help, it always arrives. It does not always arrive in the way you expect it. Sometimes you may ask for help, but it may not be for your greater good that you receive what you request at this particular point in time.

You may ask God for help for a friend or family member. It may be some time later that you realise that your request was not for the greater good of this person at that particular time.

When asking for help it is important to be clear and not put any conditions on the request, and to accept the outcome as being for the greater good of all. If you are requesting help for another

person, it is important to say at the end of your request, “Providing it is for the greater good of all.” Whilst you may believe that what you are requesting is best for you or best for another person, it may not necessarily be part of the “grand plan,” that either you or they

receive this request at this particular time.

Although your guides hear and respond to your every call for help, it can sometimes add greater intensity and focus to the request, if you simply light a candle and direct your thoughts
through its flame.

Using the energy of a lighted candle is also a very powerful means of sending healing light and unconditional love to anyone anywhere at any time. You can send healing energy to the earth, to all creatures, to the old or sick, or anyone who is going through trauma or upheaval in their lives.

You can send inspirational energy to help someone applying for a job or studying for exams. You can also use the power of a candle to release and help someone who has passed into spirit. Sometimes it can be difficult to “let go” of someone you love. When they have moved into spirit, you can help them on their journey, by lighting a candle for them, sending them your love and wishing them well on their journey in spirit. You can light a candle and ask your higher power,

God, guides, angels to help you to “let go of the connection that binds you,” allowing both you and them to move on peacefully on your respective evolutionary journeys. It is not necessary to see this as “cutting the ties that bind,” but rather as allowing both of you to have the freedom to continue on different paths whilst still connected to each other by unconditional love.

When you light a candle, you open the doorway to light. It is like a phone call to the higher beings for assistance. Lighting a candle is a physical action, and when coupled with a request, it connects you to “All That Is,” the Universal Energies, Higher Consciousness, God. You must then “let go and trust” the outcome of your request. In letting go, you hand over your request and its outcome to the higher powers without preconditions. Given time everything, every action and reaction fits in with the greater universal plan.

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