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Maura requested bio-energy therapy on the suggestion of a friend. Maura had just received the devastating news that she would need to have her right leg amputated from below her knee. Maura’s story began about 8 years ago. Maura was diagnosed with diabetes following a routine check-up by her doctor.
She was prescribed the recommended medication for this illness but it failed to reduce her blood-sugar level which was way above the normal range. Soon after that Maura was prescribed insulin by injection which Maura administered herself. One morning Maura felt a pain in her right foot and on investigating this herself she noticed a black spot on her right heel. This spot got progressively more painful, larger and darker.

On the recommendation of her doctor Maura attended a consultant for an assessment. This was when she received the devastating news that she had gangrene in the heel and toes of her right foot. There was very little circulation in her right leg, hands and her feet. What once was a black spot on her heel had now become an excruciating, painful and blistering sore. At this stage Maura had also developed a serious heart condition. Maura’s sleep was greatly disturbed by the level of pain she was suffering day and night.

She was on prescribed painkillers but nothing seemed to make any difference. She could not walk at times even with the aid of walking sticks or the help of a walking frame.

Maura was once a happy care-free family woman, but her life now was controlled by constant pain. She had lost three and a half stone in weight with the constant pain and an inability to walk. At times Maura felt unable to enjoy social occasions with family and friends. Maura attended our healing centre for therapy in the hope that bio-energy therapy might save her foot and leg.

At the outset it was explained to Maura that we would not be attempting to treat or cure or heal her condition by using bio-energy therapy. Our aim would be to activate and stimulate healthy cellular activity at an energy level so it would activate the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. We explained that it was important that Maura would adhere to all medical advice and recommendations she had been given. Maura was also advised that she should not cease or decrease any prescribed medication during or after bio-energy therapy, without first consulting with her health care professional / practitioner.

Maura had booked in for an unlimited number of bio-energy sessions with two therapists working together to try to help her save her leg and foot. Both therapists worked together through-out the sessions.

As one therapist applied bio-energy chakra clearing to help decrease the intensity of shock and trauma in Maura’s body, the other therapist applied specific bio-energy techniques to help improve the circulation in Maura’s overall body.

Following this both therapists applied bio-energy techniques to help reduce the level of pain in Maura’s foot, especially her heel and toes. Sound therapy using the vibrations of Tibetan bowls was then applied to help activate healthy cells in the areas of the foot where the gangrene was most prevalent.

Despite the level of pain and inconvenience Maura attended for bio-energy and sound therapy religiously, sometimes twice in one day. Maura continued to attend for this combination of therapies for a number of months. Maura’s first words each day when she would arrive were “I don’t want to loose my leg.” And her last words on departing were; “I hope you can save my leg.” We were doing our utmost to help her achieve results that Maura hoped for.

Eventually after many weeks of regular bio-energy therapy Maura was back home after a therapy session. Late in the evening we got a phone call to say that Maura had hit her toe against the corner of her bed, and it was bleeding slightly. Maura was so excited as she felt that the circulation was now returning to her leg, feet and toes.

When Maura attended her consultant for a follow-up appointment the consultant confirmed that there was a definite improvement in Maura’s condition. When Maura explained to him that she had been receiving bio-energy therapy he replied “whatever you are doing it is working, keep it up.”
We encouraged Maura to apply self-healing bio-energy techniques to the areas where she could reach on her leg and foot. We also encouraged her family and friends to apply simple bio-energy techniques to the areas where Maura was experiencing pain and discomfort.

Maura continued with a combination of bio-energy and sound therapy until her next hospital appointment with her consultant.This was the days that she received the news she had been waiting for. The consultant announced to Maura’s joy and excitement that; not alone would she not require an amputation of her foot and leg from below the knee, but she was well enough to undergo a minor operation to remove only three and a half toes.
Following this minor operation Maura was able to walk again unaided. She was able to travel by plane to have a holiday and meet with family and friends.

(Her next big plan is to go dancing).

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