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You may be working with a client who may not know or never have known what real harmony means. Their reality may have been noise and emotional and mental stress from the moment of birth and sometimes even pre-birth. This noise may have been caused by doors banging, parents and family members incessantly arguing, screaming and fighting.
A case study.

Everything in this man’s life appears to happen at great speed.

His attempts at learning how to play music to calm his mind, particularly soft relaxing music, feels frightening for him as his head and brain had learned to vibrate at a fast frequency as he had spent most of his life in a state of fight or flight.

For this person relationships proved difficult for him because other people appeared not able to relate to him at his frequency (his vibration), and he felt completely out of synch with them.

His inability to slow down and harmonise with other people in the workplace and in his private life was not an easy or happy experience for him.
This person may be terrified to relax and make changes.

He may benefit from some deep chakra energy therapy to help decrease his fear of relaxing. This may need to be combined with sound healing therapy to help return his conditioned mind and his reality from one of disharmony, chaos, never knowing, never relaxing, to one of self empowerment, peace, harmony and synchronisation with his family, friends and work.

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