Patricia – A case study
Patricia Hesnan  – a case study - Bio Energy Healing Blog - Healing Courses Online
my own experience with sound vibrations for pain. I have been using our own sound healing therapy table for many years. I had major back surgery 5 years ago. I have 3 bulging discs in the thoracic area of my back, so it is imperative that I am careful with lifting, bending or overstretching. I have been virtually pain-free up until 2 weeks ago.

I was throwing a ball for our dog. I turned suddenly and felt an excruciating pain in the upper thoracic area of my back.

My first thought was; “Oh my God, not again.” The memory of the pain I experienced for 6 months prior to surgery came tumbling back.

I crept back to the house with by head and my back bent forwards. My husband John attempted some bio-energy therapy which helped a little, but I could not get the full benefit of this because I could not lie face down to allow him to work on my back.

We then decided to try sound therapy as I lay on my back on the sound healing therapy table. We tried a number of different vibrating frequencies played through the table and eventually tried a frequency of 60Hz which seemed to help a little when applied in conjunction with some bio-energy techniques. The pain eased considerably but not completely.

The next day we tried the same sound healing set-up again. I had some relief but the pain still remained in my back. At this stage I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t climb the stairs, and could barely walk without experiencing sharp pains in my back.

We then decided to use a different sound vibrating frequency, this time a frequency of 70 Hz for 40 minutes on its own without any bio-energy therapy.

When the sound finished after the 40 minutes I was afraid to move because the pain had gone completely.

I gradually eased myself off the therapy table and realised that not only had I no more pain, but I could walk around without experiencing any pain what-so-ever.

Two weeks later I am still pain-free, driving again and climbing up and down the stairs without any difficulty.

If I feel any twinge of pain in my back, I will lie on the sound healing table for 30-40 minutes whilst applying the 70 Hz low frequency vibration, which again relieves any pain in my back.

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