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Paul aged 62, retired, and married with 4 grown up children. Paul booked in for 5 therapy sessions on the advice of a friend. He had been diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 months ago and was undergoing treatment for this. His father had passed on 6 months prior to his cancer diagnosis. During the past month Paul had discovered that his father was not his biological father.

Paul felt in some way that this fact may have contributed to his father’s brutality towards Paul himself and his mother as far back as Paul could remember. Paul and his mother experienced horrific physical, emotional and mental abuse at the hands of his father.

Paul always felt the misdemeanours Paul committed did not justify the level of anger, rage and abuse his father exhibited towards him. Paul’s three younger siblings did not experience the same level of abuse or cruelty from their father. Paul felt varying degrees of anxiety throughout his life. The level of anxiety rose to almost panic whenever he would receive special attention.

He avoided being seen whenever possible. He avoided public events or social events whenever possible. If he did attend he wore dark glasses explaining that the light affected his eyes. He would never buy a car unless it had blacked-out windows. He had developed coping mechanisms that helped him survive through life. He was highly successful at his job but mostly worked behind the scenes.

His relationship with his wife and family had been good, but they were worried about his sudden mood changes and his resistance to leaving the house. He has never told anyone about his childhood experiences or any of the facts about his father that he has just discovered.

Paul attended for the first therapy session. During the session he relaxed a little but appeared agitated. After the session was complete he felt like talking a little. He said the worst and hardest day of his life was the day he got married. Minor but good-humoured jokes about him from family and friends felt like major put-downs and criticisms. He had taken prescribed medication and copious amounts of alcohol to help him get through the day.
This helped to obliterate all his fears and anxieties temporarily, but it also obliterated memories of a very special day – the day he got married. Paul explained that despite his levels of success and having a loving and caring family, his feelings of fear diminished at times but have never really gone away.

On the third therapy session Paul remained in a sleep-like state and didn’t feel like talking afterwards. During the fourth bio-energy session and about 20 minutes into the session Paul started to cry uncontrollably. Paul was encouraged to cry and allow the feelings to emerge. It was explained to him that he was in a safe environment to do this. He cried continuously for about 10-15 minutes.

It was during this he had a flashback to a day his father came home from work. Paul was about 4 years old. His father asked him a question to which Paul did not reply fast enough. His father grabbed hold of him and beat him until he lost consciousness.

He could vaguely remember his mother’s voice saying “stop, stop” Paul regained consciousness in the dark, in the cupboard underneath the stairs.
The fear of the dark was unbearable but the fear of his father seeing him and beating him again was even greater. His mother eventually took him out of the cupboard but from that day when he heard his father’s voice he would hide.

He hid under the sheets at night in case his father saw him.  If Paul knew his father would be in the house in the morning before he went to school he would be incontinent the night before. He was then beaten for wetting the bed. Paul’s life was one of fear, and never knowing.

Fear had played a major part in controlling Paul’s life.
    • Fear of being seen.
    • Fear of being caught.
    • Fear of hurt.
    • Fear of never knowing.
    • Fear of pain

That traumatic event when he was only 4 years old had a life-changing affect on Paul. Following the fourth therapy session Paul noticed a major change in the intensity of his fears. The therapist worked on the root / base chakra for fear, shock and trauma to decrease the intensity of this shock and trauma. This may also have an affect on the physical body in the area of the root / base chakra.

Sound therapy was applied on following sessions to the physical body to help activate healthy cells and allow healing to take place in the area of the prostate and surrounding areas.

Counselling also helped Paul to understand that the child was not guilty.
    • The child was not to blame.
    • He is an adult now healing and dealing with the memories of a child.
    • He is not the child.
    • Paul continues to make progress.

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