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It could be a time for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual check-up. Have you checked your life’s pattern recently? In this story the bicycle is likened to your body. How are you peddling through life? Are you going fast or slow?  Are you able to stop or slow down, when and if you need to?

Can you remember when you last carried out a complete overhaul on your bicycle? (When did you last have a complete check-up on your body, mind and spirit)? Have you checked to see if your wheels are balanced, or are they buckled and warped? How balanced are you on your bicycle?

Are you wobbling all over the place? (How balanced is your life?
Do you get sufficient rest, good food, exercise, fresh air, sunshine etc?
Do you have emotional and mental stability in your life?
Do you have enough love and joy in your life)?
Have you checked your wheels for flat or worn tyres?
Are your tyres flat and worn out due to too much weight on them or too much wear and tear? (Too many late nights, poor diet, not enough rest and not enough “time out”).

Did you pump up your tyres when they went flat or did you carry on peddling away regardless?  Did you try and find out what might have caused them to go flat in the first place? (When
you first became ill did you pump yourself up with pills etc, or did you try and find the cause of your illness)?

Were there times when your tyres went flat and you did not even bother to get off your bicycle to find out what was causing the problem?
Did you rim the wheel and destroy the tyres beyond repair? (When you felt unwell did you just carry on, regardless of the damage it was doing to your health)?
Did you continue to carry other heavy passengers and push yourself beyond your limit? (Did you continue to work, play sport and take on board other people’s problems and issues, even though you knew you were damaging your health)?

What are the brakes like on your bicycle? (Do they allow you to slow down or stop, if and when you need to i.e. when you become unwell and your body is telling you to slow down, or, are they loose and not working properly)?  In an emergency will your brakes work efficiently enough to prevent you from running into a wall and seriously injuring yourself?  Is it possible you have no brakes at all on your bicycle?

Are there times when you feel you are going downhill and unable to stop yourself? (Do you feel your health is going downhill and there is little you can do to help yourself?  Do you stop and find the cause and then take responsibility for your ill-health)? Is there any light on your bicycle? (Can you see where you are at in life or where you are going? Is there any light in your life? Can you see fun, joy, good food and happiness in your life)?

What are the handlebars like on your bicycle? Are they crooked? Can you get a proper grip on them? (Do you have a problem coming to grips with your life or getting a handle on life? Are you in a job, relationship or home that you can enjoy and where you can live life to the full)? Are you too heavy for your bicycle? (Are you overweight? Do you overburden yourself physically, emotionally or mentally)?

Will this bicycle support you for the rest for your life? (Do you have a reliable support system to last you for the rest of your life i.e. health, family, friends, finance etc.)?
When your bicycle started to creak did you have it overhauled or did you push it at the same pace as you had done for many years previously? (When your body started to show symptoms of tiredness and ill health, did you continue to push it at the same rate as you did when you were many years younger)?

Have you been loaning your bicycle to others who have little or no value on it? (Have you been handing over your power, your time and your money to people who have no value on them,
or respect for you)?
What does this bicycle look like now? (How do you look now? How do you feel? How is your physical, emotional and mental health)?

What can you do about this bicycle? (What can you do about you)? You can get it completely overhauled and repaired where necessary. (You can have a complete check-up and find out what can be done about your health and how and when you can have these repairs carried out if necessary).

When your bicycle has been repaired (when your health is back in order) how do you keep it that way?
Do not allow any more pressure on this bicycle than is absolutely necessary. (Do not allow any more pressure on yourself than is absolutely necessary).

    • Do not allow anyone else to put pressure on your bicycle. (Do not allow others to put pressure on you).
    • Take any extra weight off your bicycle. (Offload your baggage i.e. problems, issues, any dysfunctional behaviour, unhealthy habits or possible diet and weight related problems).
    • Do not loan your bicycle to anyone unless you know they will take good care of it. (Do not give away your time, your finance etc. indiscriminately. Check first and make sure it will be valued, taken care of, and appreciated).
    • If you feel you do not have a sense of where you are at or where you are going, do not be afraid to seek help and direction.
    • Learn to use your brakes whenever you need to slow down, or when you feel you are going too fast. (Learn to know your limits when it comes to yourself and those around you).
    • Learn that you can give yourself permission to slow down, relax and stop if necessary.
    • Learn to put the brakes on whatever is damaging your health.
    • Learn how to repair and take care of your bicycle. (Learn how to repair and take care of your own body, mind and spirit. Learn how to take care of yourself. Learn self-help techniques. Learn to value your health, your time and your money).
    • When your bicycle is creaking, tired, slowing down, and finding it difficult to keep on going, you must learn when and how to stop peddling. (Take time out to rest and find the cause. If you stop in time the problem may not be serious. If you continue peddling and keep on going when there is a problem with your health, you may cause more serious problems).
    • When your body is aching, tired and feels like it can’t keep going any longer, take the time to find the cause.

When you find the cause of the problem, you are halfway to the cure. If this bicycle is in a poor state of repair, you may need professional help. (If your body is in poor health you may need professional help i.e. your medical practitioner, therapist etc).

Today I will give myself permission to take time out to rest.
I will make the necessary arrangements to get a complete check-up on my body, mind and spirit

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