The Broken Toy - Relationship or Job
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You need to “go with the flow” in order for life to be harmonious and happy. Try not to spend your life trying to change someone or something to work the way you think it should work. If it does not come naturally you may try to force it..

If you force it, you will break it. Learn to know and respect your own limitations, and the limitations of who and what is around you. Do not be afraid to let go of that which may not be suitable for you.

At what point does a child decide a toy is not suitable for him?
The wise child will walk away from this toy and find a more suitable toy. This child does not need to wreck the toy (wreck his health trying to make a toy work that is not suitable for him).
The wise adult will also know when it is time to walk away and let go of that job, or relationship etc, or anything that is not suitable for him.

All the talents and all the abilities you will ever need, will come to you naturally and without force. What happens when you try to force a talent, ability or a situation? Is life a never-ending struggle for you? What happens when you do not make use of or misuse the talents and natural abilities you inherit and carry through many incarnations?

Imagine a house with many rooms and there are many toys in each room.
You are the house. The room is the facility you have to learn and play in. The toys are the talents and abilities you have, to help you learn and deal with relationships, jobs, family and
everyday occurrences in life. See a child who is playing with a toy. This toy is not suitable for this child. It could be too advanced or complicated for him. Eventually he realises this toy will not work the way he wants it to. You see his frustration and offer to help him resolve the problem, but he wants to do it himself. You offer him a more suitable toy, but he rejects it completely. He is hell bent on making this particular toy work. You try to distract him by asking him if he would like to go for a walk with you. He is not interested. He intends to force this toy to work. He does not see his own limitations or the limits of how much pressure and force this toy will endure. He becomes more and more annoyed, angry and frustrated. He proceeds to bang the
toy on the floor.
There is the possibility at this point that he is going to break the toy. You tell him to stop, but he does not listen to you. If someone does not remove this toy, he will definitely break it and it will be of no use to him or anyone else. You now become angry and frustrated with him. Rather than see him completely destroy the toy, you remove it. You know this toy would be more suitable for another child. This child may have been afraid to let go of the toy in case he did not get another one, or that he would be seen as having failed. Because of all the frustration and exertion, he is now exhausted and unable to play with another toy. Once the toy has been removed, he may listen to you and your suggestions. He will eventually see that there are many more suitable toys for his particular needs and learnings.

You may persist for years, in trying to force a particular partnership, job or relationship to work, regardless of the numerous signs indicating the amount of damage it is causing to both
yourself and others. It may take you longer to complete certain tasks or jobs. You may feel exhausted when you are finished. You may feel you are unsuited to this particular job, but you have a resistance to letting go of it, in case it would appear you had failed or were not capable of making it work (like it was with the toy).

Like the child you will either break the toy, or someone will take the toy from you. Someone else gets your job, or you may have to give up the job, because of ill health or exhaustion and now you are unable to work. Now you are unable to play with a different toy (job) more suited to your particular talents. Where a relationship is not working for you, you may become obsessed with making it work. This is not good for you or the other person. You are wasting a valuable lifetime in forcing something to work, which does not come naturally. There is a possibility you may have out-grown the relationship. (Out-grown the toy, or the toy was beyond your coping abilities in the first place).

Is it a fear of letting go of the relationship, or of being on your own that forces you to persist? If you do not let go of the relationship, you may lose it anyway. Someone else may arrive on
the scene, when they see how you are struggling, and remove your partner (your toy). What about the things you purchase or attain for yourself, which are not suitable for you? Do you buy unsuitable clothing for yourself and try to make them fit, regardless of the fact that you feel uncomfortable and restricted in them?  Do you have unsuitable transport for your particular needs and lifestyle but you insist on making it travel at a speed not recommended for it, or safe for you? Do you overload it beyond its capacity? Do you try to make it what you want it to be, until it eventually breaks down? Now it is of no use to you or anyone else, like the child – you broke the toy.

What about food that does not agree with your digestive system? Do you continue to eat it even though your body is rejecting it? Do you take medication to combat the harmful effects
of certain foods and drinks on your body? When your system breaks down eventually, do you wonder what has happened to your health? Now you are of little good to yourself or to anyone else. You may have become so engrossed in making particular toys (talents) work for you, that you have failed to see all the other functional, suitable and appropriate toys (talents), which are readily and easily available to you. Sometimes what can happen is that some or all of your toys are removed before you can break them. You may have a prearrangement with your guides that at a certain stage in your life, they would remove one or all of the toys that were unsuitable for you. Your guides may do this to create space for more suitable toys, so that you can learn from them and enjoy them.

The biggest problem now may be that one or all of your toys may already have been removed or broken, and so you have nothing left. That job you did not change when you had the chance
may now have been taken from you.  You are now out of work. You had a choice at all times whether to let go of the job voluntarily or not (let go of the toy before you broke it or it was taken from you). Have you let go now because you have no choice? Was your job taken from you and given to someone to whom it was more suitable? Maybe you were not doing your job as well as expected. Maybe this job did not suit your particular abilities. Maybe your health let you down when you tried to force your body beyond its capabilities. Now you cannot work for yourself or anyone else. (You broke yourself and the toy).

The problem may now be that you are without a partner or a job. Someone else may have stepped in and removed your partner, or taken over your job (rescued the toy). This may be
prearrangement with your guides to do so, when they could see you could no longer cope with the situation, relationship or job anymore.

Why did you persevere for so long?
Was it a fear of letting go of the relationship? Was it a fear that maybe there would not be another relationship for you (another toy)? Was it because of a fear of failure, that you persisted in trying to make this relationship work, despite the fact that both of you were at breaking point. Have you left this relationship (this toy) broken and beyond repair for yourself or anyone else to enjoy or learn from?

Remember you had free will to voluntarily let go of this relationship (this toy). Sometimes it is only when all our toys (our relationships, worldly possessions, health or job) are taken from us, do we realise we were struggling with something or someone, that was unsuitable for us in the first place. You may be left in a bare room sitting on the floor. You may now be on your own. You may now realise the toys you were playing with and trying to force to work, were not suitable for you. They were not suitable for your learnings, your growth, your evolvement or your greater good. Initially when you were forcing these toys to work, it may have appeared they were working for you, but long term and at a deep subconscious level you knew they could never work for you the way you wanted them to.

Did you ask for God’s help?
Sometimes when you ask for God’s help his response may not be what you expect it to be. Sometimes God removes the things in life, which are not for our greater good or the greater good of those around us. These are like the toys you are playing with. You may not be learning from these toys. Forcing your body to work beyond its capabilities is also similar to forcing the toy. The relationships, jobs etc, which you are trying to force to work or will not let go of, despite it being obvious they are not suitable for you, are also the toys you are breaking. Sometimes you may break the toy and harm yourself in doing so, or God may remove your toys (relationships, job health and lifestyle) so that you can no longer do yourself or anyone else any more harm. You may not feel it is for your greater good at this moment in time. You may be feeling very annoyed and frustrated, at how God has responded to your cry for help.

Today sit down and ask yourself these questions and answer the questions honestly.
Am I efforting in my work?
Am I pushing a work colleague, friend, child, parent or other family member beyond endurance and beyond their capabilities?
Am I pushing myself beyond my limits and capabilities?
Am I efforting to make my relationships work?
Am I trying to force my partner into making our relationship work despite all the obvious signs of
Am I overloading my physical, emotional and mental bodies and not recognising my limitations?
Am I exhausted and in ill health with all the pressure I have placed on others and myself?

I can change me.
I can change my attitudes.
I can learn to let go of that which is unsuitable for me or that which is not for my greater good or for the greater good of all.
I can have a life without efforting.
I can have new learnings (new toys).
I give myself permission to avail myself of that which is best suited to me and for my greater good and the greater good of all.

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