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The bucket is what holds your life’s resources. It is also you. Are you feeling that your “get up and go” is gone? And if not gone completely, you may be feeling that it is being depleted in some way. You may not know the cause or the reason why. You may have some queries about your overall health and general wellbeing. You may need help and guidance to check this out.

If you can find the cause, you are halfway to the cure.
If you took a bucket of water on a journey and never checked to see if the bucket was empty or full, you could be in for a bit of a shock. You may assume you will have water until your journeys end. However, at some stage of the journey, you may have noticed that your bucket did feel a bit lighter, but you may have been too busy to check and see what was causing the problem.

How many of us have almost completed our journey without taking time out to check our bucket (our supply of life’s resources)? Have you been drained and exhausted by traumas in your life? Have you pushed yourself beyond your limits in many aspects of your life? We sometimes look back and realise without being aware of it at the time, that the water in our bucket (our life’s resources) was draining away slowly but surely.

Is your bucket full, half full, or empty?
Do you remember the last time you looked into your bucket? When you last looked into your bucket and found it was nearly empty, did you ask why? Is it possible someone was stealing your water when you were not looking? Were there people in your life taking things from you without asking, your possessions, your time or your money?  What is left for you? Is what you have left in your bucket enough to sustain you for the remaining part of your journey through life? Maybe it is you who is spilling the water. Maybe you have been giving away your water indiscriminately (giving away your time, energy, possessions or money etc).

Maybe you are moving too fast on your path, running all over the place and not looking where you are going. Maybe there is a leak in your bucket. Perhaps you are continually attempting to fill this bucket, never questioning why it is emptying so fast. Maybe you are unable to hold on to the necessities of life. Do most things filter through your fingers, friends, jobs, relationships and money?  Do these only last you for short periods of time?

When you discover what is causing your problem, what do you do? Do you change direction? Do you opt for the quick fix easy way out i.e. alcohol, drugs etc, when dealing with life’s issues? Or do you wander through life spending a lot of your time socialising and wandering from place to place not knowing where you are going, or where you have been most of the time?

What happens when you get to the end of this journey?
There may still be holes in your bucket. Your family and friends may have long since gone. Your bucket, (your ability to contain life’s resources) may not hold water now. You may feel too old, tired or worn out to start off with a new bucket or repair the damage you have done, so you may have to depend on someone else’s supply of water. If this is so you may have to rely on whatever someone else e.g. family, friends etc, can do for you or supply you with.

If you did not learn how to fix your bucket (if you did not learn how to take care of yourself or take responsibility for yourself) – you may have to rely on others to sustain you and share their resources with you when and how they please or see fit.

What happens when you discover half way along your journey that you are spilling your own life’s resources, living it up, late nights, partying, overspending and so on? Do you decide to stop or slow down and take time out to see what is happening for you?          
Ask yourself why you were moving so fast?
What was driving you?
  • Was it fear?
  • Was it conditioning?
  • Was it habit?

You can slow down but only you can decide how and when. If you do not notice how much water you are losing from your bucket, you may not see the necessity for stopping and checking your supply until it is almost too late. (Your health, finance, marriage, relationships, job or business may be practically drained dry before you notice that you are running low on your supply of life’s resources). What happens if you have not looked into your bucket at all? You may have taken it for granted that this bucket of water would last forever, but waken up one day and find it completely empty. Can you remember when the bucket started to get lighter?

Can you remember where the source of water came from in the first place? Do you even know where to start looking for more water? Are you now too thirsty and tired to even walk? Are you so worn out taking care of everything and everyone around you, that you do not now have the energy to take care of yourself?  Do you even know where to start looking for answers to your problems?  On the other hand you may be a person who has always kept your bucket topped up (full of life’s resources i.e. good food, exercise, joy and laughter, loving and caring for yourself with plenty to share around).  Stop today, this minute, take a good long look at your bucket (your life) and ask yourself:

What sort of condition is your bucket in today?
  • Is it strong?
  • Is it weak?
  • Is it full of holes?

Do you have enough water left in your bucket for the remainder of your journey?
  • Our life is like the bucket.
  • Our body is like the bucket.
  • The source comes from within, not without.
  • It is never too late to begin again.
  • Where there is life there is hope.

Today I will check my bucket.
Today I will check my life’s resources.
If my life’s resources are draining away, I will stop the behaviour that is allowing this to happen. Through insight and awareness I will stop the cause.

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