The Earth Is Your Mother
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This story may bring awareness to you of the water you drink, the food you eat and how you discard your waste. Do you pollute the atmosphere? Do you live in harmony with Mother Earth? Are you aware of her wants, her needs, her sadness, her sorrow and grief?

Do you thank her for the provisions she has made for you?
Do you leave it to others to care for Mother Earth or do you feel you are doing your share?

Is your conscience clear when it comes to Mother Earth?
Well done if it is – congratulate yourself.

This is the story of a woman who had many sons and many daughters. This woman brought this family into the world. She provided for them and nurtured them as best she could. She fed them and provided clothing for them.  She planted her garden and she grew her crops. When the crops were ready she reaped them, so her family could have food. She gave them love. She asked nothing in return, only that they in turn by her example would do as she had done.

We will follow the story of one son.
When this particular son left home, he forgot most of what he had learned. He forgot his mother. He forgot himself.
He took everything he wanted selfishly. He never appreciated all he had or where it came from.
He ignored the fact that his mother was in want or need.
He ignored the fact that she was sad and lonely.
He ignored the fact that she was hurt and angry. He ignored the fact that the crops his mother had planted were being ravished and destroyed.
He ignored the fact that the land that had provided him with food was now being used for other purposes, greed, money etc, but not for what it had been intended.
He ignored all of this and he did not care.

He said, “There are others in the family besides me so why should I bother?”
Why should he bother?
He has nothing to gain now (or so he thinks) so he leaves it up to the rest of the family to sort out the
problems at home. Of course they in turn leave it up to each other thinking, “The job of looking after mother is for someone else.”

Meanwhile his mother is dying.
Dying from malnutrition, polluted water, and polluted food.
She has been ravaged and raped of all that was hers.

One day awareness dawns on this son.
He realises his mother is getting closer to her death in this lifetime.
He sees how old and feeble she has become.
He looks back and says, “If only I had known how much and how fast mother was deteriorating, I could have done something.”
This man is now angry, because his mother has been abused and neglected. He chose to believe that the other members of the family were taking responsibility for their part in looking after and protecting their mother.
This man has resorted to blaming others.
He has not taken responsibility for the part he played in the neglect of his mother.

At a deep subconscious level, he did know how his mother was being abused, but like so many of us he chose to ignore it, thinking the problems with mother would somehow sort themselves out.
He is so sorry now that he did not observe sooner what was happening to his mother.
He now realises his children will never know this mother as he once knew her.
He remembers the green fields he played in as a child.
He remembers the fields of golden corn, the sound of the singing lark in the clear morning air, the smell of a freshly mown meadow.
He remembers the early morning dew on the grass, the clear blue skies and fresh running water.

He realises that unless he acts now these will be no more, not for him, not for his children, and not for his children’s children.
The mother, who gave birth to this man, holds out her arms in forgiveness. She welcomes him back, as only a mother can do. She gives him a second chance. She shows him her ravaged fields, her beaten body, the wounds and the scars of hurt and pain.

His mother cries tears of anguish for all the loss and all the betrayal, but she is still ready to forgive. As she cries, her tears help to cleanse her bruised body. She shudders and shakes with her sobs. He stands helplessly looking on finding no way to bring comfort to his mother.

But for her, his being here with her is what matters now. For her, his awareness of her pain is what matters most, because only in the awareness of her pain and in the action he now takes, can he prevent her condition deteriorating beyond recovery.

She must go through her pain to give birth again, to believe again and to heal and trust again. In order to plant and grow her seeds on good soil the old soil must first be cleansed.

It is necessary for this mother to go through this pain, in order for life to begin again.  Trust and belief were brought about again, not in the return of all her family, but in the raising of awareness and the return of one son. It only takes the awareness of one person, to begin making changes and stop what is happening to the mother.

This mother will need a time of rest, peace and solitude. She has gone through many years of pain and survival, but in order for her growth to begin again she must first rest and heal.

It is I, Solomon who is telling you this story – because this story is about you, yes you.

The earth is your mother and you are her son.
Ying and Yang. Male and Female.
(Female) The intuitive side. This is the sensitive side, the nurturing side.
(Male) The doer. This is the side that acts, the side that can do something. This is the side that can take action.
There is Yin and Yang in all of us, male and female. We all have the ability to feel and act, but in knowing, we have the choice of when and how we act.

Today ask yourself, “How aware are you of what is happening for Mother Earth?”

Ask yourself, “What changes you can make, no matter how small, which can be of help to Mother Earth’s survival?

Try to become more aware of all of nature, the air, the rivers, the lakes, the fish, the animals, the birds, the trees, etc.

No matter how little you do – it does make a difference.

I will become more aware of Mother Earth.
I will live in peace and harmony with Mother Earth.

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