Re-tuning the body
Re-tuning the body
Everything in the universe is vibrating. Everything in the universe from the solar system, planets, the earth and everything on the earth including plants animals and human beings are vibrating and are constantly moving and changing. Light, wind, water and sound are made up of waves of vibrating frequencies. Everything is in a state of constant vibration. At an atomic level everything you see around you is in a state of vibration.

Everything that vibrates creates a sound. The normal human ear can hear sounds within the 20 HZ to 20,000 KHz, However outside of this audible range are frequencies which many people are not capable of hearing. Every object has a natural vibratory rate. This is called resonance or the resonant frequency of an object. Every organ, bone or body part vibrates in harmony. If part of the body becomes out of balance it loses its healthy resonance, and it can begin vibrating out of harmony and out of balance.

By using sound to help heal we can remind our body or organs of their original healthy frequency. The body then begins to resonate with the frequency of the sound and begins to vibrate at a harmonious frequency, which may help it regain better health.

Some people may have been subjected physically, emotionally or mentally to loud inharmonious sounds. These may have been the result of being exposed to extreme high or unacceptable noise levels in their place of work, place of training or in the home.  As young children they may also have been exposed to an atmosphere of arguing, fighting, shouting and screaming. Young people exposed to disturbing scenes on TV, correlating with loud aggressive noise may react by contracting on all levels of their energy field to avoid the distress and anxiety associated with loud sounds. These levels of unease or disharmony when they occur over a period of time may lead to ongoing states of anxiety, fear and panic.

Any sound that is not in harmony with our bodies can have long lasting affects at a physical, emotional or mental level, and just like any delicate musical instrument our body can go “out of tune.” We will recognise that our bodies are “out of tune” when we feel “out of sorts”, “don’t feel quite right.” You might hear someone say; “I feel a bit tuned out today” “I don’t feel tuned in” or someone may say to you or you may say to some else ; “You’re going to have to change your tune”.

When an orchestra or a piece of music is in sync and playing harmoniously we say it is in tune. However if it sounds out of sync we say “it does not sound in tune.” The purpose of sound healing when applied  is to help “re-tune” the body, and to get this bodily instrument back into tune. When we are healthy invigorated, harmonised and in balance we might say: “I’m tuned up and ready to go.”

The aim of the person applying sound healing using Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks or the human voice is that by helping a person to relax and unwind at a physical, emotional and mental level it may enable and help the body to return to its own ‘in tune self’ and so allow its own natural inner healing to take place.

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