Sounds to help us de stress
Sounds to help us de stress
If sound healing is applied in a manner which triggers calm and relaxing memories from a time prior to traumatic experiences and events, then the body may react to these healing sounds, allowing the body to uncoil, relax and unwind and begin to function in a healthy, synchronised and harmonised manner.

Create sounds using:
    • Tibetan singing bowls.
    • Crystal quartz singing bowls.
    • Tuning forks.
    • Chinese Gongs.
    • Tinshas.
    • Percussion instruments.
    • Your own voice.
    • Music and Songs from our audio store.

Learn how to use these sounds for self healing.

Sound healing could be applied as a form of desensitisation to gradually introduce you to sound frequencies that create harmony rather than those sounds that have caused the body to recoil and constrict.

Healthy harmonious sounds do not invade, force, insist or persist. Healthy harmonious sounds allow the body to ‘tune in’ at its own pace and in frequencies that resonate with the body. Some of the benefit of learning sound healing for self healing is that you can apply sound healing to your own body. This may help you to unwind and relax and let go of physical and emotional stresses that may be effecting your overall health and well-being.

When the body is contracted and wound up like a spring, that tight spring cannot operate like a normal operating spring that has unrestricted movement. If you wind the spring of a clock too tightly it can jam or seize up because its movement is restricted, but if it is wound slowly and allowed to move and operate as it was designed to do, then the clock will continue to function indefinitely.

When sound and vibration is introduced to the energy field of the human body it can stimulate healthy movement in damaged or congealed tissue, cells, muscles, ligaments and organs. Moving water is healthy water full of oxygen and life. Stagnant water is dead and unhealthy and can destroy life by harbouring unhealthy bacteria which can eliminate healthy bacteria.

You may have experienced a period of being bombarded by environmental noise, inharmonious sounds or you may have experienced one or more physical, emotional or mental traumatic events. This may have resulted in the body contracting and causing restrictions and blockages on all levels of your energy field in areas of the body, which may lead in time to sickness and ill health. Prior to these experiences there may have been a period of relative calm and harmony during which time you experienced each pleasant day feeling relaxed, healthy and joyful. This is the natural state of being where your immune system is fully active and you are enjoying perfect health.

Stagnation is caused by lack of movement. By applying self healing sound therapy to ourselves on a regular basis we may be keeping our life force and our healthy energy moving and vibrating, and also helping to prevent stagnation and ill health. Self Healing Sound Therapy may also help to decrease the intensity of pain, or discomfort, anger or anxiety, sadness or grief on all levels of your energy field.

Self Healing Sound Therapy may also trigger the body at a physical, emotional and mental level to remember and reconnect again with healthy feelings and memories. It also may help to reactivate the immune system, renewing the body’s natural state of harmony and generate feelings of perfect health and vitality.

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