What is Self Healing
What is Self Healing? – is the innate ability to heal oneself
The word ‘healing’ or to ‘heal’ means to restore health, to make an organism healthy and free from ailment, sickness, disease or pain at a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. It can also mean to reconcile, to ease differences, to ‘make sound’, ‘heal’ a rift or conflict, or to ‘make it better.’
Self Healing is about creating ‘wholeness’ in the body or healing oneself ‘holistically’. Holistic healing means healing the whole person. When we consider self healing or in other words ‘healing self’ we need to look at healing oneself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This could be the self healing of a physical wound, injury, organ, gland, tissue or cells. It could also include the self healing of systems such as the digestive system or any other system in one’s own body. It could also include healing from an emotional or mental trauma which one has experienced.

Self- Healing happens naturally within the body.
Your body tries to be healthy. The self healing process kicks in automatically as soon as cells become damaged. The body has an in-built ability to heal itself and it can heal itself more effectively and efficiently given the assistance and the right environments to self heal naturally.

When a human or animal’s body becomes ill, sick or injured the self healing process can be supported by surgery, medicines, and different types of supplements. Medicines such as antibiotics may prove helpful in many situations, but it is the body’s own immune system and in-built intelligent healing system that actually activates the self healing process.

Many researches in both the orthodox and traditional fields of medicine emphasize the importance of taking care of one’s own body in order to accentuate self healing and maintain better health and well being. This can include a healthy diet, looking at food sensitivities, daily exercise, avoiding excessive strain on the physical, emotional or mental body, periods of relaxation or meditation. It can also mean ‘learning how to ‘tune in’ to the needs of your body mind and spirit.
Self healing also means allowing your body to avail of regular and sensible amounts of sleep which in turn gives the organs, glands and cells of the body the opportunity to rest and regenerate. In addition to what we’ve already outlined in this self healing journey to maintain better health is, that we try to reduce stress and create balance in every aspect of our lives.

There are numerous different self healing exercises available which are designed for the purpose of assisting the body to maintain better health. These involve anything from walking, jogging, running, swimming, yoga, stress reduction exercises to name just a few. There are numerous easy to learn exercises you can perform in the comfort of your own home.

Maintaining better health also includes taking care of the mental, emotional and spiritual body. To do this the choices are unlimited from relaxing and reading to breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation.

Self healing – is the innate ability to heal oneself.
When the body is ‘out of sync’ we instinctively know that something is not quite right within us. We may not necessarily see any outward sign of sickness, illness, disease or ill health. The body is crying out ‘Listen I am not feeling well’.  When it comes to a standstill point the body needs support to heal itself, as it is not coping on its own.

There are five important self healing questions;

    • How?
    • Where?
    • When?
    • What?
    • Why?

How can I possible heal myself?
Answer: You can learn many different self healing techniques on our online self healing course

Where can I learn self healing?
Answer: You can learn self healing techniques online in the comfort of your own home.

When can I learn self healing techniques and methods?
Answer: Right now! As soon as you purchase our self healing course you will be directed immediately to the learning centre to begin your course in self healing methods straight away.

What can I learn on this self healing course?
You can learn how to self dowse for food sensitivities, geopathic stress etc.
You can watch the video lecture on helping to improve your own body’s energy.
You can learn methods of clearing and balancing your energy field and your aura.
You can learn how to use your two hands to help clear and balance your own chakras.
You can learn how to use bio energy healing techniques for many health related issues.
You can learn how to apply sound healing to your own physical body and your chakras.
You can learn meditation and abdominal breathing techniques to help relax the body, mind and spirit.
You can learn how to ‘tune in’ and sense and feel energy in your own hands and your own body.
You can learn many other self healing techniques and applications plus much more.
You can learn all this from 58 tutor led demonstration video lectures.

Why would I learn self healing techniques?
The aim of self healing techniques is to help activate the natural innate ability we all have within us to heal ourselves.

Self healing is empowering.
It can be applied anywhere, anytime when a situation arises that requires healing.
Self healing is empowering, we will never go beyond our limits using self healing techniques on our own body. The body knows when it has had enough.
Self healing is instantaneous. It can be a physical reaction to an emotional stimuli or an emotional reaction to a physical stimuli.
If the physical stimuli is pain; the body ‘squeezes down’.
If it is joy; the body automatically responds and relaxes.
So, just as we automatically respond to pain or joy, we can introduce harmony, happiness, laughter and balance by using self healing techniques.

If we feel a state of panic or anxiety is about to overcome us what can we do?
We can take a deep breath and let go of every moment up until this moment.
Letting go – and staying in the moment - that is self healing.
Clearing our own chakras and decreasing the intensity of suppressed emotions – that is self healing.
Decreasing the level of painful emotions that may be stuck in our chakras by clearing our own chakras – can be self healing.
Learning to trust again following loss, grief or sadness can be self healing.
Think about something you find funny. Laugh and your body relaxes – that is self healing.
Think about something shameful or embarrassing (the cringe factor): All the muscles, organs and tissue contract and squeez down. Acknowledge what happened and say ‘It’s the best I could do with the knowledge I had at the time. It is not necessarily what I would do with the knowledge I now have. (This is not minimising what happened at the time).
Take a deep breath, let yourself off the hook. – That is self healing.
Inner forgiveness – is self healing.
Learn how to reduce the controlling factor of fear. Listen to the self empowering song and mantra (audio MP3 file) - ‘Fear won’t control me’ included in this online  self healing course.

Story: The caveman sat at the mouth of the cave. He didn’t run until the big bad wolf turned up.
We may be on the run 24/7 just in case the wolf turns up.
Learn to stay in the moment applying diaphramatic breathing. – That is self healing.
Repeating the past is history, the future is only a possibility.
I am in the moment. I am not responsible for anyone but myself. – That is self healing.
I am responsible for what I say and do but I am not responsible for how others react to what I say or do. – That is self healing.
Acknowledging everything that has happened up until this moment has created the person I am today.
Everything that happens in this moment will create the me for tomorrow.
This acknowledgement is self healing and self empowering.

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