How babies respond to sound
How babies respond to sound - Bio Sound Healing - Healing Courses Online

It is suggested that a baby in the womb surrounded by water hears sounds and feels vibrations occurring outside the mother’s body.  The first real sound a baby may hear outside the womb may be the sound of its own voice immediately after being born.

If at the time of the baby’s birth they experienced loud noises and chaos, even at that early stage of entering the world outside the mothers’ womb they may learn how to contract physically emotionally and mentally to protect themselves from what they may perceive as being an unsafe world.

Other sounds the baby may hear shortly after been born may be the reassuring sound of its Mother’s voice speaking or maybe humming a lullaby to the baby.

Sounds we hear as children
As children we may associate sounds that we hear around our home with the mood of our parents or some other family member.
As a child when you heard the distant sounds of your Mother or family member perhaps working in the kitchen, you could sense that they were in a good mood by the sounds they made.

You could also detect and sense the mood of some other family member as you heard doors slamming, voices shouting aggressively, arguments and even music being played at extremely loud levels elsewhere in the house.

In exploring all of these extremes of sounds I am attempting to explain the two extremes of natural sounds that we can be subjected to. Later as we begin to explain about sounds for healing it will become clearer that there are two ends to the spectrum of sounds in general.
On one extreme there is noise and sounds which we may find disturbing and unpleasant to listen to possibly because they remind us at some basic level that something is not quite right, and we may need to be alert to possible danger.

Could it be part of our survival instincts that we associate sudden, unpleasant abrasive sounds with our fight or flight reaction, where our adrenalin increases preparing us to go into combat or battle, or to defend ourselves against an aggressive attacker, or take action for our survival?

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