How the body MAY react to an injury
How the body MAY react to an injury - Bio Sound Healing - Healing Courses Online
Accidents can occur when we least expect them. It could be a fall of a ladder, or maybe a fall down a stairs or you might be out for your daily run and suddenly pull or strain a muscle and perhaps cause further injuries if you fall.

It is now becoming more apparent that many health related problems may stem from problems related to the fascia. The fascia is a sheet of connective tissue that looks like a cobweb that almost completely envelops the entire body including all organs, glands, muscles, nerves and tissue.

Some studies have shown that fascial restrictions or tensions in any one part of the body such as the ankle or foot can have an effect in adjacent areas or areas remote from where the actual physical injury occurred or pain is felt.

Imagine the injury has occurred in the area of the ankle. The muscles contract and squeeze down to protect the body from further pain. The body tightens and contracts due to the shock and also due to physical pain around the area of the ankle.

The fascia which connects all areas of the body including muscles, organs, cells and tissue is affected by the muscular contraction. This in turn has an effect on the entire body. Tight, tense or damaged muscles in the area of the back and spine may be a contributory factor in inhibiting the nerve supply to organs or glands from nerves exiting from the vertebrae column, which may have become trapped or damaged due to accident or injury. We have created a video which we hope will demonstrate our understanding of how an injury in one area of the body may affect other areas of the body.
However in the case of a more serious accident, when the injury or trauma may be life- threatening, the reaction of the body would be much faster. The contraction of the muscles would be much more intense.  All of this could have a serious knock-on effect on all muscle groups, organs, glands, bones,  tissue and cells. When a major accident or trauma occurs, there may be serious physical injuries, There may also be emotional shock or trauma associated with the incident.

For the emotional shock or trauma it may be necessary to apply Bio-Energy techniques to the base chakra, to help decrease the intensity of the shock or trauma experienced at the time of the incident. Applying these techniques may allow muscles around the site of pain or injury to relax which may also be beneficial in helping the fascia to unwind.

Once the muscles have relaxed, it may enable all the muscle groups, organs, glands, bones and tissue to return to their original position in the body. The area where the damage has occurred or pain experienced may then be more easily accessible for the vibrations and frequencies of sound healing to permeate.

Sound therapy may then be applied, by directing the frequency of sound and vibration to the area of damage or injury in the physical body. The aim of using sound healing vibrational therapy is that by using entrainment, resonance may occur between the frequencies of the bowl and frequencies in the person’s energy field. When this occurs it may help to activate and promote the person’s own inner ability for self healing.

As can be seen from the video where water responds to the vibrations of sound, the vibrations from the singing bowl may also have a healing affect as it resonates with the person’s body which is comprised of over 70% water.  

Using sound healing techniques such as Tibetan or crystal bowls may help to further relax the overall body. - This may help to relax the intensity of tight or damaged muscles, to help create balance and harmony in the body’s overall energy field, and also help to activate and facilitate the body’s own natural healing process.

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