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Many people through the course of their lives experience problems with sleep. Same people can fall asleep easily and then wake up at regular intervals during the night. Some have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

Some sleep for a certain length of time but cannot get back to sleep once they wake up.
Some suffer with sleep apnea which is a serious disorder and medical intervention is necessary.
Sleep disorders can manifest following major shock, trauma, accident or injury.
Some sleep disorders can occur following fearful experiences in childhood.
The person attending our clinic may have been already diagnosed and is under treatment for a particular sleep disorder.

Based on this result we would apply chakra clearing and balancing to the relevant chakra to help decrease the intensity of the shock or trauma that could be a contributing factor in sleep related problems. We would recommend our GDV health scan, and if the scan indicated stress or under functioning of any organs glands or systems, then specific sound healing is applied to that particular organ, gland or system.

We would then apply Biosound Vibroacoustic Therapy. Vibroacoustic Therapy has shown that at specific sound frequencies, sleep patterns improved.
The client would be advised to avoid certain stimulants prior to bedtime.

Playing the Healing Stone Music CD where the person is sleeping may help to calm down their energy field on all levels.

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