Panic Attacks
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A panic attack can overwhelm a person without warning. A panic attack is a feeling of too much going on at the one time a feeling of “overwhelm”. . A panic attack can be seen as a perceived threat of danger when really there is no danger.

During periods of intense anxiety, the brain is so overwhelmed with stress that it can actually reduce the energy it normally provides to other parts of the body. As an example, digestion problems are very common with anxiety as the brain pays less attention to the digestive system. Certain parts of the brain may even "turn off" in an effort to cope with stress during intense anxiety.

A panic attack can begin with a rising feeling of fear and distress. The person may panic and may be frightened of losing control in certain situations.

During a panic attack breathing speeds up and the person might feel as if they cannot breathe properly, causing them to gasp for even more air. This extra oxygen can make the heart beat faster. During a panic attack they may have a tight sensation in the chest, feel dizzy, faint, shaky, confused, sick or weepy.

Panic attacks may last from just a few seconds to 10 or more minutes. Many people are frightened of dying or losing control during the attack. For the person who is experiencing a panic attacks it can be very emotionally upsetting.

During a panic attack the mind can lose control over simple bodily functions like breathing and general coherence. An experience like this can displace a great amount of energy and after the panic attack a person can be left tired and drained, and may need some time to recover.

A panic attack can start with:
  • A shortness of breath
  • A choking sensation
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • A feeling of total overwhelm
  • A feeling you are losing your mind
  • Feeling you are about to die
  • Chest pain
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • A racing heart
The person attending our clinic may have already been medically diagnosed and is receiving therapy or treatment for panic attacks.
Based on this we would apply Bio-energy healing techniques and applications.

Initially we would apply chakra clearing and balancing for the base chakra. In follow up sessions we would apply chakra clearing and balancing to the solar plexus chakra. We would also apply sound healing therapy to the overall body, to help activate and stimulate healthy cellular activity in the physical body that may have been affected by the emotional stimuli.

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