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Gangrene is a condition that occurs when body tissue dies. Gangrene can be caused by loss of blood supply due to accident, injury or infection. The extremities like fingers and toes are the most often affected.

General symptoms of Gangrene:
  • Swelling and redness
  • Sometimes a loss of sensation or very severe pain in the particular affected area
  • If there is infection, sores or blisters it may release a foul smelling discharge
  • Change in skin colour from red to brown to black
  • When touched a sound like a cracking noise can come from the area affected

In one particular case at our clinic of a person who attended with Gangrene, having reviewed the medical diagnosis for Gangrene, the person attending also suffered with diabetes and was insulin dependent.

Initially we suggested a GDV health scan to access if there were any organs glands or systems under stress or malfunction at an energy level.
The GDV health scan would also indicate any possible misalignments in the person’s vertebrae column. It would also indicate any under or over activity or imbalances in the person’s main chakras at an energy level. Based on this and the medical diagnosis we would encourage the client to adhere to the suggestions of the medical personnel regarding medication, diet and food sensitivities.

We would apply Bio-energy chakra clearing and balancing to the specific chakra corresponding with the organ most affected, in this case the organ being the pancreas. We would then apply techniques and applications using sound healing for the circulatory system and the pancreas.

We would then apply specific energy healing and sound healing to the specific area affected, in this case, the heel, and toes of the right foot. Following on we would apply Biosound Vibroacoustic Therapy for overall healing of the body.

Self healing: Encourage family etc, to apply simple healing techniques between and after therapy sessions to help stimulate the blood supply back into the area that is affected by Gangrene.

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