The A,B,C, of Sound Healing
The A,B,C, of Sound Healing - Bio Sound Healing - Healing Courses Online
If you strike a drum, the skin of the drum vibrates. This movement of the skin of the drum produces air pressure variations and vibrations which travel through the air creating the sound waves of the drum.  These sound waves travel into our ears through the ear canal until they reach the eardrum. The eardrum in turn passes these vibrations through the middle ear bones into the inner ear. The inner ear called the cochlea, passes the vibrations to your brain. Your brain then tells you that you are hearing a sound and distinguishes what that sound is.

What is ‘sound’?
Clap your hands - that’s a sound.
Speak some words - that’s a sound.
Close a door – that’s a sound.
Listen to some music – that is sound.
Noise is also a sound.

The difference between sound and noise.
All day everyday you hear sounds. A clock ticking, alarms ringing, a radio playing, a baby crying, people laughing, sounds from cars and other traffic, horns beeping, door bells ringing, sirens sounding, the sounds coming from mobile phones and the tapping of keyboards on a computer, these are just some of the sounds which bombard our ears in some form or  another.

All sounds begin as vibrations.
To begin there is movement of some kind to create the first Vibrations. A door closes which creates a vibration in the surrounding door jam, wall and air. This vibration moves through the air in different frequencies. These may be high pitched sounds or low pitched frequencies depending on what created the original vibration.

For instances something heavy falling on the ground could create a low thud sound which would be a low frequency. Two pieces of metal clanging together would create a high pitched clanging sound which would be a high frequency.
A violin being played will create high frequencies and a cello being played will create low frequencies. If it is a very low humming sound it will have a large slow wave – a large slow frequency. If the sound you hear is a high pitched sound like a whistle blowing – it will have a very fast high frequency.

Everything in the universe is moving.
Anything that moves creates some kind of sound. Where there is movement there is vibration which causes sound waves, however small.

Sound is produced by objects vibrating creating changes in air pressure.

These changes in air pressure travel to the listener as waves and produce sound in their ears.  Everything we hear can be described as sound. When we cannot hear any sound we describe it as silence but even in this silence there may be sound which our ears cannot hear because these sounds may be outside our audible range.

The difference between what is sound and what is noise depends on the listener. Sound to most people could be described as that which is pleasant or acceptable to the ear. Noise on the other hand could be described as that which is annoying, uncomfortable, and far from pleasing to our ears.

If noise or sound is being transmitted above a certain threshold it can be dangerous and may be hazardous to a person’s hearing. Low frequency noise and sounds can sometimes be felt as their vibrations are transmitted through the ground even when volume levels are low.

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