What does sound mean to you?
What does sound mean to you? - Bio Sound Healing - Healing Courses Online

Many years ago in Ireland as in some other countries, when a person passed into spirit, a bell was rung called the ‘dead bell’. This bell rang out in the local church to let all the parishioners know that someone in the neighbourhood had passed into spirit. There was a special tone to this bell and a certain distance between each toll. This bell was also rung during the funeral service.

The same bell was also used to announce time for prayer at 12 noon midday and 6 pm in the evening. The intention behind using the bell to announce prayer time was different and the bell sounded different. The distance between the tolls was different. It was struck with a different dynamic. This bell was intended as a reminder for all people young and old to cease or stop their work and activities and pray for a few minutes in silence and peace.

It was the same bell that was rung each time, but the timing between each toll was different.

The sound of snoring may agitate and annoy one person. The sound of snoring according to another person was one of relief, as it meant that their elderly father who was in the room next door to them and who recently had a heart attack was still alive. Once the snoring stopped this person experienced anxiety, apprehension and fear until their father recommenced his snoring again.

As adults we may contract or recoil, when a childhood memory is triggered reminding us about someone who was in serious pain or anguish.
The sound of an ambulance or a fire brigade may only be frightening to someone whose memory of an accident, catastrophic event or disaster is triggered. Doors slamming can trigger memories of aggressive behaviour experienced by a child or person who may have been too young to understand what was happening around them.

Aggressive or loud tones of person’s voice may trigger memories and emotional trauma experienced and suppressed by a person in early childhood or adulthood. As humans we are attracted to caring words by the calm caring loving tone of a voice that delivers the words with a soft vibrational sound. We are repelled by loud aggressive tones of voice that says the words but don’t have the loving or caring intent and vibration.

Some sounds may indicate that we may need to take action. Some sounds may indicate that a person or animal or bird may be in distress. As you know all animals respond to sound and in some cases can be attracted by soft caring voice sounds and will repel at the sound of loud or aggressive tones.

I’m sure you have heard the expressions; “that person’s voice is jarring on my nerves”, “I don’t like the tone of your voice”, “It’s not what you’re saying, it’s the tone you are using when you are speaking that I don’t like”, or “To my ears that sounds like sandpaper rubbing on glass.”

If we are conditioned to believe there are only inharmonious sounds and vibrations around us, - then that is our reality.

Despite the fact that these sounds and vibrations make us feel uncomfortable and irritated, we may continue to live and work in inharmonious and uncomfortable places and with people whose ‘vibes’ or vibrations may at times irritate us and annoy us. We may believe that this is way the world is, then this situation becomes our reality. When our bodies are in constant contraction and trying hard to prevent these invasive and inharmonious sounds from affecting us, we may become ill. This is because in contracting the muscles and organs, glands and nerves in our bodies, we are depriving them of a continuous blood supply and a supply of life-force energy.

The vibration and frequency of sound of any kind will have entered our energy field long before the physical body contracts as a response to the sound. It might be only when sound invades our space, and our energy field to such a level that it becomes unbearable that we then respond to it with alarm, anger and annoyance. If you are eating in a restaurant and the music is loud, fast and invasive, do you find you are eating faster and feel you are been hurried so you decide to leave the restaurant? If you are shopping and hear very relaxing music, peaceful and melodic music you may notice that you linger longer and maybe buy more goods because you feel relaxed and unhurried.

If you got bitten by a dog, especially if you were a young child, the result of this could have been severe pain, shock or trauma. Now as an adult when you hear the sound of a dog barking or you are in the vicinity of a dog that is barking, your memory of pain, fear, shock and trauma may be triggered. Your body may contract in fear because of what has been triggered by the dog barking. No amount of persuasion or convincing will calm your fears and anxieties. You may benefit from deep chakra work to decrease the intensity of the shock and trauma you have experienced combined with some sound healing therapy to help rebalance your energy field and chakras.

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