I am a 70 year old grandmother, and when my grand-daughter was diagnosed with a serious heart condition I felt so helpless. I went online, discovered your website and enrolled for the self healing course for myself. After completing this course I realised I could really feel the benefit of the energy work I was doing

I then went on and completed the bioenergy course so I could help all my family through these turbulent times. I can only say “what a course”, it was unbelievable. It covered so much in such an easy to understand easy to learn fashion. I have been able to help my grand-daughter in many ways and also other members of the family with various health issues.

I also really enjoyed the section on dowsing as it was something I learned many years ago when I was young. I especially loved the self dowsing, which is something I had never heard about. I use this to find my own sensitivities to certain foods. This course helped to improve my own health. I am a bit of a procrastinator, but you cannot lie to yourself.

This is one thing the dowsing has taught me. So grateful for your course and the great online assistance from your staff.I am so excited now with this new challenge into music and sound for healing which is even more expansive with limitless possibilities. Thank you for all your help and your prompt email replies.I am now integrating the bioenergy with my psychotherapy with great results.

I found that being able to do dowsing for food sensitivities for my clients just by using a piece of their hair was just fascinating and so helpful for both me and them. Thank you all.

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Matilo - Miri, Malaysia

Thank you all at the bio-energy healing course for an amazing course. I could not believe it when I actually logged in to the course and was presented with 90 video lectures. Furthermore all videos were such high quality and well tutored that it was so easy to follow and learn from them. It was like going back to school

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Harold – Bristol, England

I work fulltime as an architect. I did the sound healing course for no particular reason. It opened up so many avenues for healing for me. I can’t get enough of it. It is truly amazing. I had seen people using Tibetan singing bowls and never realised how powerful they were until I watched your biosound videos and then went out and bought my own bowls.

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