I’ve worked as a full-time musician most of my life. I have always been fascinated by music and sound and the effects of sound vibrations. I am nearly 75 years old and I was finding the late nights and long distance travelling arduous and tiring. Music was my life, and I didn’t want to give it up.

Searching the web I discovered the sound healing course quite by accident. Although I’m about to phase out the love of my life, my music and my playing, now I can expand and channel all my efforts into sound healing for both myself and others.

I am so excited now with this new challenge into music and sound for healing which is even more expansive with limitless possibilities. Thank you for all your help and your prompt email replies.I am now integrating the bioenergy with my psychotherapy with great results. I found that being able to do dowsing for food sensitivities for my clients just by using a piece of their hair was just fascinating and so helpful for both me and them. Thank you all.

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Suzanne, Inverness, Scotland

I am so glad that I did the self-healing online course. I am not used to doing anything like this on a computer but I got the hang of it straight away. Simply watching the videos made it so easy to follow that even with one viewing I was able to start straight away with my own self-healing. I suffer with pain in many parts of my body

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Eithne - Huddersfield, UK

I completed the diploma course in bio-energy healing mainly for use with family and friends. I followed the video lessons throughout the course step by step. Months later I began to see the real benefits of the course for both myself and my mother who was suffering with Alzeimers in a nursing home.With each visit her face would light up

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