I was a bit hesitant about doing an online training course as I felt I wouldn’t quite understand how it worked. I am not great with phones or computers, but I was so pleased when I discovered that all I had to do was press play, and all the training lessons just played like a video film. This made it so easy for me to learn.

I am a trained psychotherapist and wanted a little more information on how energy healing worked and why it could work. I got what I wanted and much more from your bioenergy online course.

I am now integrating the bioenergy with my psychotherapy with great results. I found that being able to do dowsing for food sensitivities for my clients just by using a piece of their hair was just fascinating and so helpful for both me and them. Thank you all.

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Abdul - India

I come from an area in India where there is very little money. I could ill-afford the bioenergy course, but I felt after studying the course content that I may be able to help other people who may need healing and may not be able to travel or afford therapy. The distant healing bioenergy felt so natural for me.

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Daniel – Toronto Canada

This bio energy healing therapy course was the best course I have ever completed online. I would encourage anyone who is interested in the area of energy healing or alternative or complementary medicine to enrol and take this course. It blew me away that so much could be packed into one course, including the elaborate section on dowsing

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