Full marks for a great energy healing course. It was conducted clearly and precisely with every one of the 90 sections delivered with tutor led professionalism. It was like being back in school again with the teacher pointing out in detail each and every movement. Everything I needed to know was fully explained making it easy for me to grasp every aspect of each healing technique.

I have set up my own therapy room and have started my own bioenergy practice with paying clients attending already. One of the sections I was really excited about was the whole area on dowsing. When I am dowsing I am in my element. I took to it so naturally.

I use this now for checking my client’s chakras for imbalances or possible blockages. I am self dowsing now every chance I get. I’m self dowsing in shops and restaurants and checking my family and friends and of course my clients for possible food sensitivities. As for the geopathic stress section, I absolutely loved it. It opened my eyes to all sorts of possibilities for the future.

Thank you so much for all the questions you answered and the confidence your online staff instilled.I did this and the results were amazing. I decided to do the animal energy training course to save me time and money. I am so delighted now I have two happy playful puppies, and the neighbours are also a lot happier.

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Diana - Newry, N.Ireland

’I have a lovely female cocker spaniel who loves to climb up on the back of my sofa. Two weeks ago she fell backwards on the ground and when she tried to move she couldn’t move her two back legs. Luckily I had finished your animal healing course a month before and I immediately applied energy healing techniques

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Patrick – Bristol, England

I have worked as a veterinary nurse and worked quite a lot in dog’s homes. I always had a great interest in working with animals and wanted to learn more about natural methods of healing for animals. The online animal energy healing course was a great addition to my veterinary nurse qualifications and I now integrate the natural alternative

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