I recently purchased two small pups at 6 months old, a brother and a sister. They whined day and night. My neighbours were constantly complaining. Someone suggested they were suffering from separation anxiety and I should take them for animal bio energy.

I did this and the results were amazing. I decided to do the animal energy training course to save me time and money. I am so delighted now I have two happy playful puppies, and the neighbours are also a lot happier.

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Jim - Wales, UK

Following a major accident I found my life was in tatters physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I knew God had some purpose for me on this earth, but he was slow in showing me what I was meant to do. One day I got a sign – as I searched the web I found your website healing courses online.. That has changed my life forever.

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Jakai – South Africa

I am writing to tell you how delighted I am to have enrolled and completed your energy healing course. It was so easy to learn by just viewing each of the 90 videos one by one and copying everything I could see happening on the screen. It is such a great way to learn this subject. I took your advice about practising and I made up my own model

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