I work as a special needs assistant for children. I love the work but it can be stressful at times. I learned the self healing course initially for myself. I found it so practical using the self healing techniques particularly for stress reduction. I also use the self dowsing methods to check for my own foods sensitivities.

I then decided to enroll for the full diploma course in bio-energy. It is so natural, effective and easy to learn. I have set one day a week aside to work professionally as a bio-energy therapist and my clientele is slowly on the increase. Thank you all.

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Rayyan - Malaysia

Thank you for the great bioenergy course. I learned so much from it that I did not understand beforehand. It was really well structured. The way you started by explaining how to feel and sense energy in my own hands and in another person’s body set the tone for the course and when I was able to feel the energy

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James – Texas, USA

I have been confined to my wheelchair since I had serious car accident about 25 years ago. I would have difficulty in travelling to do live training courses or adapting to certain physical movements and techniques. Since completing the online animal energy healing course I have a new sense of purpose. I now have regular request

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