I always had some interest in energy healing as a modality, and this course gave me guidance, structure and more confidence to become an energy healing practitioner. My mother would have attended for energy healing when I was a child.

Now that I am a mother myself, I decided to reawaken my interest in energy healing. I found this course online to be enlightening and informative especially the video demonstrations which were so easy to follow and understand

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Moya – Dublin Ireland

I have the highest praise for the team behind the energy healing training course. It was easy to follow and understand as I worked my way through the many video lessons. Everything was laid out in a simple sequence and I was so excited to receive my diploma in energy healing therapy at the end of the training course. Thank you all once again.

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Jason - Galway, Ireland

My dog sally got badly injured when she was struck by a car. The vet didn’t have much hope for her recovery as she had internal and external damage. Sally was very fearful and traumatised after the accident apart from being a bit lame. Ironically I had enrolled and completed the animal healing course some months beforehand.

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