Mick - Birmingham, UK
Mick worked as a train driver. In his own words he describes his story. ‘Everyone had the answer to my problem except me.’ I was overweight. They said “Eat less.” “Exercise more.” I suffered with anxiety. They said “Stop worrying, learn to relax.” I had a stomach ulcer. They said “Take your medication.” I had aches and pains throughout my body. They said “Take your pain relief pills.” I was grateful but fed up with my well intentioned family and friends. The problem for me was losing weight. I eat very little as at the moment.

Regarding exercise; I return home late most evenings. I could not get out of the train and jog up and down the platform every time the train pulls into a station. When they said “Stop worrying” I’m thinking my job in itself was stressful and was a constant worry. For my aches and pains and my ulcer I was already taking medication for those plus more medication to counteract the side effects of the medication.

I looked up ‘self healing’ and ‘self help’ on the internet and found this site all about ‘self healing’ and thought ’Wow!’ I can now do something for myself, -something for me! When I read the information I discovered it’s not the amount of food I’m eating – it’s the type of food I’m eating. By learning the self-dowsing technique also included on this course I have discovered I am sensitive to all acidic foods and drinks. I have made a start. I know I can do it.

I also found this amazing self help song on this same website called ‘I can do it.’ I sing and repeat the song ‘I can do it’ over and over again like a mantra and this affirmation going round and around in my head helps me to believe in myself and believe that I CAN DO IT..

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