How to set up and apply Vibroacoustics Therapy
How to set up and apply Vibroacoustics Therapy - Energy Healing - Healing Courses Online
The Healing Power of Sound Vibration

Vibroacoustic therapy is a sound healing method using technology that uses audible sound vibrations which are applied to a client / patient / person through a vibroacoustic sound therapy table, chair or mat etc. This technology has shown to reduce symptoms, alleviate stress and invoke relaxation. The fundamental principal is that external vibration can influence the body’s function.

Now you can FEEL the sounds that can lead to your better health and vitality, using low frequency vibration vibroacoustic audio MP3 files in conjunction with a vibroacoustic therapy table, chair, mat or other suitable vibroacoustic product.

Make your own vibroacoustic sound healing therapy table.

“Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Improves Pain Management and More”

Some of the research available on various health concerns.

How to set up and apply Vibroacoustics Therapy.It is not the intention of this online course to supply or recommend any particular vibroacoustic therapy table, therapy chair or mat, or any other vibroacoustic product for use as vibroacoustic therapy.

The audio store includes MP3 files audio files with the range of frequencies covering the range of frequencies as used with Vibroacoustic Therapy. Vibroacoustic sound therapy has been developing over a number of years and continues to evolve. We hope that by supplying these MP3 audio files, educational information, references and additional information on vibroacoustics, that you will have the knowledge to further examine and research this on-going ever-expanding field of sound healing using vibrational medicine.

Over the years at the Oisin Healing Clinic we have been developing our own vibroacoustic methods of sound healing therapy using our own experimental therapy table and low frequency vibrational audio files and music.

Client lies on a Vibroacoustic Therapy Table.
For a Vibroacoustic Therapy session, the client lies on a therapy table which has been fitted with the necessary vibroacoustic equipment. (Please view the video on ‘assembling and making your own vibroacoustic therapy table, using transducers, CD player and amplifier).

Vibrations of sound and/or music are then applied to the sound healing therapy table so that the client can experience the vibrations of sound throughout their  body.  This produces pulsed sound vibrations and stimuli which participants experience whilst lying on the table.

Watch the video on “Making a Sound Healing therapy table” and hear one person’s testimony expressing how he felt during and after experiencing the vibrations and frequencies of sound through the sound therapy table.

Preparing for a vibroacoustic therapy session.
Try to create as quiet an environment as possible, ensuring that the client is comfortable safe and secure. It may also be necessary to encourage the client to relax as much as possible. Guided relaxation techniques may also help to further help the client to relax.
The sessions may vary in length from 10 mins to 45 mins
  • You may choose to purchase one of the many different vibroacoustic products now available on the market. These include ready-to-use therapy tables, chairs, mats, plus various other products which can be used in conjunction with vibroacoustic frequency CDs or MP3 audio files.
  • Alternatively, you may choose to make or assemble your own sound healing therapy table, as we have demonstrated on one of the videos on this course.
  • The range of low frequency downloadable MP3 audio files are available from our audio store. These MP3 sound frequency audio files can be saved to your computer, laptop, transferred to a memory stick or can be played directly from your phone. Alternatively you can save these MP3 audio files to a physical CD in order to play them with a CD player.
  • Your normal CD player is designed to play CDs as audio with the sounds coming from the CD player speakers. These CD speakers or the speakers attached to your computer or laptop, or hi-fi speakers are not designed to produce very low frequency sounds. For low frequency sounds, these CDs can be played through your sound healing self assembled therapy table or played through any vibroacoustic product.

Important: Please read all the above instructions and additional information given in the references for a clearer understanding about vibroacoustic technology and its application for health and well-being. It is imperative that you select and use the appropriate frequency CD/MP3 for your particular application having researched all the relevant information in connection with the use of vibrations, frequencies and vibroacoustic technology.

Conditions in which practitioners have hesitated to recommend treatment by Vibroacoustics
  1. In the presence of severe acute inflammation. (This does not include normal flu.)
  2. Major external or internal bleeding. Also in cases of severe heart disease it is advisable that the clients/ patient should consult with their  health care physician before undergoing Vibroacoustic therapy especially if there are any risks of heart attack or they have a pacemaker or any other electronic device fitted or implanted.20

Training instructions related to BiosoundTM Vibroacoustic Therapy
  1. Persons of 18 years of age or older may apply Vibroacoustic Therapy either by applying the techniques or through a Vibroacoustic Therapy table. It is not recommended that children under the age of 18 years of age apply Vibroacoustic Therapy either by applying the techniques or by using a Vibroacoustic Therapy table for their own use or for use with any other person or persons.
  2. The Vibroacoustic Therapy table demonstrated in this course is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not for commercial use and is demonstrated only for our own research purposes in our own private healing centre. This particular sound healing therapy table and the sound apparatus attached has not been certified or approved by the FDA or any governing body.
  3. Only suitably qualified personnel should attempt to make or assemble the Vibroacoustic Therapy table. It is important to check the suitability of the therapy table before attempting to alter it in any way or fit extra products of any kind to it, as alterations may render it unsafe for use. Oisin Centre Limited or its agents or representatives or presenters of the online sound healing training course,,, or do not accept any responsibility for any possible outcome.
  4. Should you decide to design, manufacture assemble, make or retro-fit your own Vibroacoustic Therapy table please be aware of any regulations in relation to the use of un-approved or un-certified self assembled sound healing apparatus or tables regarding weight bearing, electrical or electronic attachments or any mechanical, material or physical alterations to a table.
  5. The sound healing techniques demonstrated in this course and any products such as sound healing CDs, MP3s, or audio downloads demonstrated including the Vibroacoustic Therapy table have not been approved by the FDA or any other overseeing governing state or semi-state body.

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