How advanced Bio-energy healing can be applied to an injured bird

How advanced Bio-energy healing can be applied to an injured bird

This is an advanced bio-energy healing therapy technique. The aim is to attempt to create a flow of life-force energy in and around the energy field of the bird. Most times when we applied energy therapy in this manner to a bird or indeed any animal they responded positively to our advanced bio energy healing methods.

This is a one of many Bio-Energy therapy techniques demonstrated on our practical online animal healing course for various health issues related to different animals, wild or tame, pets, farm animals, mammals, cats, dogs, horses and birds.

Advanced Bio-Energy therapy can be applied to any of these animals or birds for many different health concerns, physical problems or injuries, or for emotional issues such as anxiety, fear, shock, trauma etc.

In this animal healing article we’d like to share two short stories about using Advanced Bio-Energy healing therapy on birds. During our diploma level online animal healing training course we show a wide range of techniques and applications being applied in practical demonstration video tutorial lessons for a variety of sickness, illnesses and diseases.

These Bio-Energy healing techniques are simple and easy to learn. They are powerful, effective, non-invasive and pain free.

A robin receives Advanced Bio-Energy Healing Therapy

There are two videos on this animal healing course showing how these techniques can be applied to an injured bird. One video was filmed at our home one day when my wife Patricia found a robin lying on the ground motionless. The bird appeared to have flown against a window. The robin appeared at first to be dead but on closer examination it was still alive albeit very stunned.

I happened to have my phone in my pocket and immediately started to film Patricia’s attempt to help the robin to recover. You can view this video on our animal healing course to see how the advanced bio-energy methods were applied and what happened next.

A bullfinch receives Advanced Bio-Energy

On a later date my wife and I were at a friend’s house when we heard the sound of what appeared to be a stone hitting the glass of a kitchen window. We ran outside and saw this little bullfinch lying on the ground apparently dead. My wife Patricia picked up the bird that seemed quite shocked and semi-conscious.

It had little or no movement. The bird’s eyes were closed but non-the-less Patricia decided to hold the bird gently in one hand and started rotating her other hand round and around in circles over the bird using one of the many bio-energy techniques we demonstrate on our online animal healing course.

I quickly began to record this on my phone as these are quite a shy bird and are very rarely seen up close. Patricia continued to apply this bio-energy technique to the bird for about twenty minutes. While Patricia was working on the bird one of our friends joined us and started recording all of this on their own phone.

Just then the battery died in my phone, but luckily our friend’s phone captured the most important part of this short video. I afterwards edited the two sections of the video together to show the whole event. You can see how this little bird responded and eventually flew away none-the-worse for its ordeal. Watch this video on our animal healing course.

The advanced bio-energy animal healing training course is now available online.  This is just one of over 100 simple techniques which are demonstrated during our advanced bio-energy animal online healing training course.
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Your most asked question
Why bio energy works on a bird?

Bio energy healing therapy on a bird is as simple as holding the bird in one hand and applying bio energy. How and why it works is explained more on our courses. In the case of small birds that have been stunned it appears to stimulate their energy field and help them recover. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below.