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A beginner’s guide to how easy it is to learn about Self Healing therapy

We decided that it might be an idea to show how easy it is to train in and learn our self healing / self help techniques.

The most comprehensive Self Healing course available today online

In this comprehensive self healing course you can learn amazing but simple techniques to help yourself improve

One of the most powerful sound instruments of all is your own voice

Your voice is the first musical instrument you use when you are born. Our mother’s voice is usually the first sound we hear.

Healthy harmonious sounds do not invade the body’s energy field

When sound healing instruments are used for self healing and self help, the vibrations, frequencies and sounds

How music or sound focuses our attention on the present moment

Have you ever had an experience where time seemed to stand still? Sometimes just sitting watching a beautiful sunset

Using your own inner life-force energy ability to heal your own body

Self healing – is the innate ability to heal oneself. When the body is ‘out of sync’ we instinctively know that something is not quite right within us.

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