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Self Healing - Re-tuning the body - Healing Courses Online
There is a sense of peace and tranquillity when we are calm and everyone and everything around us is in that same or similar state of peace and calm. Even the word ‘calm’ is a reminder of how it feels to be calm, at rest and chilled out.

Self Healing - Sounds to help us de stress - Healing Courses Online
If sound healing is applied in a manner which triggers calm and relaxing memories from a time prior to traumatic experiences and events, then the body may react to these healing sounds, allowing the body to uncoil, relax and unwind and begin to function in a healthy, synchronised and harmonised manner.

Self Healing - The Power of Silence - the Still Point - Healing Courses Online
There is a still point which is referred to in healing. This is a moment of complete stillness, or some people call it a “Moment of Bliss”. Some people may have never experienced this moment or point of stillness or even know what it is. .

Self Healing – Unwinding your spring - Healing Courses Online
When the body reaches a point where it can take no more, it may succumb to all the bombardments from all levels and degrees of physical, emotional, mental and environmental stresses. This is when sickness and ill health may make themselves known to our body.

10 Tips for a good night’s sleep - Self Healing - Healing Courses Online
Research shows that due to lack of sleep the body’s sympathetic nervous system is adversely affected causing an increase in adrenaline – the fight or flight stress hormone. The fight or flight mode may be necessary when we are confronted with danger or a situation where extreme action is required.

Self Healing – Grounding exercise - Healing Courses Online
Although many people like to sit cross-legged, we’ve found that it is preferable for these exercises to be done either sitting on a chair or sofa with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. This will help you to feel your connection with the earth.

Self Healing – How did you sleep last night?  - Healing Courses Online
This is the story of a little boy who was raised by loving and caring parents who provided a good home and the best schools and colleges for him. When he became older and moved away from the security of his home he started to develop problems sleeping at night.

Self Healing – Time Stands Still - Healing Courses Online
Sometimes just sitting watching a beautiful sunset can create one of those special moments – when time appears to stand still. An hour passes like a fleeting moment. Perhaps it triggers some deep connection with our soul or our inner divinity or life itself.

What is Self Healing? – is the innate ability to heal oneself
The word ‘healing’ or to ‘heal’ means to restore health, to make an organism healthy and free from ailment, sickness, disease or pain at a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. It can also mean to reconcile, to ease differences, to ‘make sound’, ‘heal’ a rift or conflict, or to ‘make it better.’

Bio Energy Healing Training Course

Bio Energy Healing Training Course
Our Bio Energy Healing Training Course includes 90 practical demonstration & lecture videos of specific techniques and applications for working on all levels of the body’s energy field; Physical. Emotional, and Mental. |   Learn More  

Sound Healing Training Course

A diploma course in sound healing. It includes 61 professional video lessons in a carefully constructed A, B, C, step-by-step format, allowing you to learn each technique and each application in easy stages. | Learn More

Self Healing Training Course

Self Healing Training Course
Includes 58 professional video lessons, spread over 8 hours in a carefully constructed A, B, C, step-by-step format, allowing you to learn each technique and each application in easy stages and certification of completion. | Learn More

Animal Healing Training Course

Animal Energy Healing Training Course
Learn how you may help any animal to heal. You can do this by activating the animal’s own natural inner ability to heal itself. This method of animal energy healing training course is simple, easy to learn and easy to use.   |  Learn More