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Thank you all at the online learning centre for a great animal healing course. It was fascinating to watch all the healing videos on different animals. My interest in doing this course was so that I could set up my own energy animal healing practice. I just love animals. It has always been a dream of mine to have a place where people could take their animals for natural forms of healing,

I never quite understood what self healing meant. But, I did understand what stress meant for me. It had become a normal way of life. I work as a bus driver. When my immune system went downhill I was off work constantly with aches and pains. I suffered with constant colds and flu’s almost every week.

The bio energy course gave me a new lease of life. I had been unable to return to my original job following a back injury. I was experiencing a lot of aches and pains in my joints. I suspected some of the foods I was eating could be contributing to these pains, but I could never find out which ones might be affecting me.

I have completed both the bio energy training course and the sound healing course. English is not my first language, so I was a little apprehensive about studying something online which I did not fully understand. The videos were so informative and well structured, that I had no problem learning both courses..

I once though a course was all about quantity, now I realise it really is about quality as well. I have completed the animal healing course over the last two months. I have applied this animal energy healing work to my own two dogs and a cat. I am now doing bioenergy for animals on my friend’s cats and dogs and other animals.

I have completed the online energy training course for animals. I worked as a gardener for many years and had a good understanding of how energy works. I had retired from work, so I wondered how I could apply and share some of my knowledge and some of what I have learned over the years. I watched your website videos on healing animals.

I recently purchased two small pups at 6 months old, a brother and a sister. They whined day and night. My neighbours were constantly complaining. Someone suggested they were suffering from separation anxiety and I should take them for animal bio energy.

Full marks for a great energy healing course. It was conducted clearly and precisely with every one of the 90 sections delivered with tutor led professionalism. It was like being back in school again with the teacher pointing out in detail each and every movement. Everything I needed to know was fully explained making it easy for me to grasp every aspect of each healing technique.

I work fulltime as an architect. I did the sound healing course for no particular reason. It opened up so many avenues for healing for me. I can’t get enough of it. It is truly amazing. I had seen people using Tibetan singing bowls and never realised how powerful they were until I watched your biosound videos and then went out and bought my own bowls.

I was made redundant after 20 years in the same job. I felt helpless, hopeless and useless. I felt too old for studying and too young to stop working. I did the online bioenergy training course and was fascinated with the whole area of energy and energy healing. I now work as a bioenergy therapist and a whole new career has opened up for me. I am so pleased to have got my life back on track.

I was a bit hesitant about doing an online training course as I felt I wouldn’t quite understand how it worked. I am not great with phones or computers, but I was so pleased when I discovered that all I had to do was press play, and all the training lessons just played like a video film. This made it so easy for me to learn.

I’ve worked as a full-time musician most of my life. I have always been fascinated by music and sound and the effects of sound vibrations. I am nearly 75 years old and I was finding the late nights and long distance travelling arduous and tiring. Music was my life, and I didn’t want to give it up.

I am a 70 year old grandmother, and when my grand-daughter was diagnosed with a serious heart condition I felt so helpless. I went online, discovered your website and enrolled for the self healing course for myself. After completing this course I realised I could really feel the benefit of the energy work I was doing

I work as a full-time teacher. I have 3 young children. I didn’t feel I would have the time t do yet another course, especially online. My life is quite stressful, but seeing so many people around me becoming ill and stressed out, I decided to do the self healing course for myself. It was the answer for me to slow down and use techniques for self healing I could do in the home, in the car and at work.

I come from an area in India where there is very little money. I could ill-afford the bioenergy course, but I felt after studying the course content that I may be able to help other people who may need healing and may not be able to travel or afford therapy. The distant healing bioenergy felt so natural for me. The training was so easy to understand. There was nothing left out. I have started my own little bioenergy clinic and will keep in touch with you if that’s alright. Thank you.

Bio Energy Healing Training Course

Bio Energy Healing Training Course
Our Bio Energy Healing Training Course includes 90 practical demonstration & lecture videos of specific techniques and applications for working on all levels of the body’s energy field; Physical. Emotional, and Mental. |   Learn More  

Sound Healing Training Course

A diploma course in sound healing. It includes 61 professional video lessons in a carefully constructed A, B, C, step-by-step format, allowing you to learn each technique and each application in easy stages. | Learn More

Self Healing Training Course

Self Healing Training Course
Includes 58 professional video lessons, spread over 8 hours in a carefully constructed A, B, C, step-by-step format, allowing you to learn each technique and each application in easy stages and certification of completion. | Learn More

Animal Healing Training Course

Animal Energy Healing Training Course
Learn how you may help any animal to heal. You can do this by activating the animal’s own natural inner ability to heal itself. This method of animal energy healing training course is simple, easy to learn and easy to use.   |  Learn More