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Latest Testimonials - Healing Courses Online
Thank you all at the bio-energy healing course for an amazing course. I could not believe it when I actually logged in to the course and was presented with 58 videos and 8 information lectures. Furthermore all videos were such high quality and well tutored that it was so easy to follow and learn from them. It was like going back to school again and I loved every minute. I can’t wait to start my own healing practice now
I’m very grateful to all at your online training school.  The quality and professionalism of the videos and lectures presented has prepared me extremely well and I now feel comfortable in setting up my own bioenergy healing practice. I have always had an interest in alternative healing and when I found your course I just knew that this was the course for me. I am now looking forward to my new career.
I have a lovely female cocker spanial who loves to climb up on the back of my sofa. Two weeks ago she fell backwards on the ground and when she tried to move she couldn’t move her two back legs. Luckily I had finished your animal course a month before and immediately applied energy healing techniques to her lower back, spine and back legs. One hour later she was absolutely fine. Many thanks for a wonderful course.
I am so privileged to have taken the animal healing course you guys offer. I watched your video on energy healing a horse and was amazed at how my own horse Galipoli responded when he suffered an injury to his hind quarters whilst jumping. I studied your video carefully and applied the hands on method on his left hip and was amazed how quickly he recovered and was back running again. Thank you.
I am so pleased to have completed the animal energy healing course. I had been on the look-out for an online course that focused on energy healing techniques for pets. I have two German shepherds one male one female. Both dogs were very unsettled when we bought them as two years olds. Since applying some of the bio-energy techniques I have noticed a marked improvement in their emotional health and well-being.
My own traumas in life led me to experience bio energy therapy which I found to be very beneficial. I was a bit bewildered by how it actually worked, but I still believe in it. The last thing I could have imagined is that one day I would train as an energy healing therapist. The training was in easy uncomplicated and comprehensive video lessons. I am now working as a full time Bio energy therapist and loving every minute of it.
I completed the full Bio-Energy online course and was amazed with the results I was getting when applying these energy healing techniques. I have also completed the sound healing course and I am integrating both modalities into my practice. For me the information and practical video demonstrations on both of these courses are invaluable as I have some reading difficulties. Thank you all so much.
I love pets and animals but I am very sensitive to animal hair. The distant healing training course was an answer to my prayers. I completed the animal energy healing training course online. Since completing the course and receiving my animal healing diploma I have been applying distant healing to animals and birds all over the world. It is dream come true for me. I am so grateful to you for showing me the amazing possibilities of distant healing methods.
I work as a fulltime nurse but had always been sceptical about the existence of something I could not see or could not understand. Out of interest I learned the energy healing online course. When I learned psychokinesis it changed my mind forever. I couldn’t believe how it worked. I feel I am ready to start applying some of my energy healing techniques to my family and friends. I am eternally grateful.
I have completed the self healing course online which I have found to be very powerful and empowering. I am applying the sound healing and bio-energy techniques for my own personal health issues. I didn’t really know how to address the level of stress in my life until I did this course. I appreciate all the support you provided me with, plus replying to my many questions during the learning course. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now thanks to you.
I have been my husband’s carer for many years after he had a stroke. I felt limited and sometimes isolated but now I feel I can something worthwhile for myself and my husband. I learned the online self healing course first because I felt I needed it for myself. I couldn’t believe that I could actually learn to feel and sense energy. I have now progressed on to the full diploma course in Bio-Energy Healing. My next project will be to learn the sound healing training course.
I was thrilled with every aspect of your sound healing course. I have always had an interest in sound and read many books about sound healing, but you’ve got to hear sound to appreciate it. Your sound healing videos are amazing, the sounds you demonstrate with tuning forks and Tibetan bowls are so healing to listen to. As for the Chinese gong and the way the gong bath was presented, this opened up new possibilities for me as an ongoing career in sound healing.
I completed the diploma course in bio-energy healing mainly for use with family and friends. I followed the video lessons throughout the course step by step. Years later I began to see the real benefits of the course for both myself and my mother who was suffering with Alzeimers in an nursing home. With each visit her face would light up as soon as I started to apply some energy healing and chakra work. It was a great feeling to be able to help my mother. A sincere thank you.
I work as a full-time musician and suffer on and off with back problems. I understood the meaning of sound but not how sound healing works. I completed the sound healing course mostly for my own personal use. I was surprised at the amount of information you provided both in PDF lecture forms and demonstration videos. This has been a new lease of life for me. I now apply sound healing techniques to myself to help ease my pains. Thank you so much.
Following a major accident I found my life was in tatters physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I knew God had some purpose for me on this earth, but he was slow in showing me what he meant me to do. One day I got a sign – I found a card with bioenergy healing on the floor of a shop. It said heal.ie. That changed my life forever. I enrolled and completed the online bioenergy course and now I am on a new and fulfilling journey ...Thank You God!

Bio Energy Healing Training Course

Bio Energy Healing Training Course
Our Bio Energy Healing Training Course includes 58 practical demonstration & lecture videos of specific techniques and applications for working on all levels of the body’s energy field; Physical. Emotional, and Mental. |   Learn More  

Sound Healing Training Course

A diploma course in sound healing. It includes 37 professional video lessons, 18 PDF lectures in a carefully constructed A, B, C, step-by-step format, allowing you to learn each technique and each application in easy stages. | Learn More

Self Healing Training Course

Self Healing Training Course
Includes 24 professional video lessons, plus 20 PDF lectures in a carefully constructed A, B, C, step-by-step format, allowing you to learn each technique and each application in easy stages and certification of completion. | Learn More

Animal Healing Training Course

Animal Energy Healing Training Course
Learn how you may help any animal to heal. You can do this by activating the animal’s own natural inner ability to heal itself. This method of animal energy healing training course is simple, easy to learn and easy to use.   |  Learn More