I never quite understood what self healing meant until I studied your online course. I actually thought it had something to do with therapy of some kind, but then how can you do therapy on yourself?  I did understand what stress meant for me. It had become a normal way of life.
I work as a bus driver. When my immune system went downhill I was off work constantly with aches and pains and I suffered with constant colds and flu’s almost every week.

Someone gave me a CD on how to understand about chakras, and suggested that I needed to learn how to de-stress. In a moment of frustration when I was out of work once again my prayers were answered when I searched online and discovered your self healing course.

I have now learned how to pace myself. I do my diaphramatic breathing exercises in times of stress. I have learned how to relax and stay in the moment, and I also learned from this self healing courses how to clear and balance my own chakras with bo energy just by watching the video lessons on energy healing.

I now use dowsing to find my own food sensitivities. I discovered the foods I was most sensitive to and eliminated them from my diet. Now I have no more indigestion. This course is so empowering and has helped me so much. I now feel I can begin to enjoy my life once again.

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Dermott – Dunkeid, Scotland

I have completed the online sound healing training course and I bought myself two Tibetan singing bowls. I have been learning a lot about sound healing and most importantly how I can use this for myself. I am sixty four years of age and I decided to do more to help improve my own health.

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Jeremiah - Turin, Spain

I have always had an interest in sound and music and I’ve always wanted to be a sound healer. I loved every aspect of your sound healing online training course. My gut feeling has led me to where I am now a certified sound healing therapist and received my accredited diploma. 

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