Sound Healing Research on Energy Fields, Entrainment & Dowsing

Sound Healing Research on Energy Fields, Entrainment & Dowsing

Much scientific research has been carried out about the effectiveness of sound vibrations to help heal the body at physical, emotional and mental levels. Sound waves have been found to entrain our brain inducing a deep meditative state of peace and tranquillity, as we are carried into deeper levels of Alpha, Theta and Delta brain wave frequencies.

Sound resonating around and throughout the body may in turn help to release energy blockages on all levels of the body’s energy field.

On this online Sound Healing Training Course we explain how sounds and music can help to reduce the never ending chatter of the mind, as it helps the body to de-stress and relax. It can help to bring us into and focus our attention in the present moment.

Selecting sound healing instruments using dowsing

The sound healing course includes a free bonus section on Dowsing with a pendulum. Dowsing can be used in many ways and we show you how you can select which sound healing instrument might be most suitable for a particular health issue.

Dowsing can also be used to help select which sound healing bowl is most applicable for use with a particular chakra or most suitable for a particular organ, gland or health issue.

Harmonic vibrations from sound producing instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, crystal quartz bowls, tuning forks, Chinese gongs etc, can permeate throughout the entire body effecting oneself or another person and in turn may help to promote health and well-being.

Water is a great conveyor and conductor of sound and since the body is comprised of approximately 70% water sound vibrations can permeate throughout our bodies at a physical level through organs, joints, tissues and cells.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

When the singing bowl is struck or played by a therapist and we hear the sound of the singing bowl there is an immediate shift in our consciousness.

Following a sound healing master level therapy session people frequently express how centered, balanced, refreshed and rejuvenated they feel. When the course is completed you receive your diploma in bio sound healing, this is the initial step towards becoming a sound healer to help yourself, family and friends.

Our Sound healing master level online training course may be the trigger and catalyst towards starting a career in the ever expanding health and welfare industry.
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Your most asked question
What is the science behind bio energy?

Research has shown certain health benefits in the use of particular sound vibrations to help the natural inner healing process in the body. It is believed that music and sound vibrations can have an effect the body at a physical and emotional level by means of entrainment, one of the laws of physics. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below