Animal Energy Healing
Start Learning Animal Energy / Bio Energy Healing Therapy
This is a diploma certification course in Animal Energy Healing. It is carefully constructed in an A, B, C, step-by-step format, allowing you to learn each technique and each application in easy stages. The aim of energy healing is to facilitate the Animals own natural healing ability. Learn about the basic principles of how and why energy healing works. Develop your ability to feel and sense energy.

Included in this Course:

  • Video lessons: 57
  • Duration: 9 hours on demand videos
  • 6 Audio CD mp3s (including “Understanding Chakras”, “Tibetan Sound Healing” + much more)
  • 1 e -Book (“Be Your Own Therapist” by author and course facilitator Patricia Hesnan)
  • Diploma on completion (includes short exam)

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Course Overview:
  • INSTANT ACCESS - Delivered 100% online & accessible 24/7 on computer / tablet, or mobile
  • Fully instructed video lessons for working on a wide variety of physical health issues
  • Includes videos using distant healing methods that may help with many different health issues.
  • Includes videos specialising in clearing and balancing the chakras for emotional problems
  • Each video lesson is instructor led with clear and practical instructions
  • Students can contact the instructor for any further queries or questions
  • Study from home or at work at your own pace in your own time
  • Free up valuable time and Fast track your career in Animal Energy Healing
  • You will be awarded a diploma in Animal Energy Therapy on completion of this course and the final exam

Featured Review
I have been on the look-out for a good animal energy healing course and this covered the information I needed to work with my own pets using energy healing.
Diarmuid - Waterford, Ireland

Accreditation & Course Delivery:
Healing Courses Online is registered with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), which is internationally recognized as the leading organization in professional, ethical complementary medicine by professional practitioners, therapists, and the public in general. Having completed this course, you can apply for membership of the CMA which offers a number of benefits including supplying professional accreditation. When you enroll an automated welcome email will be sent to you (please check your junk email inbox if not received). This email contains your account information for you to access your online course, which is accessible 24/7 on any device for 365 days..

What Will I Learn?

  • You can learn how to clear and unblock stagnant or blocked energy in the physical, emotional and mental levels of the animal’s energy field and in doing so allow the body to activate its own natural inner healing ability.
  • You can learn how to send distant healing to an animal or bird many miles away using a sample of hair and a photograph.
  • You can learn bio-energy healing techniques for the back and spine to help relax and decrease muscular tension or spasm which may then allow structural realignments to take place.
  • -
  • You can learn techniques and applications that may help to balance and harmonize the animal’s overall body and energy field thus endeavouring to create an overall state of health and balance.
  • You can learn how to apply bio-energy therapy techniques to help clear, balance and harmonise the chakras where energy is more concentrated and focused.
  • You can learn bio-energy animal healing techniques for emotional issues, also for pain, injuries, or problems related to organs, glands, paws, legs or joints.
  • You can learn how to feel and sense energy in your hands and in the energy field of an animal.

The aim of using your hands to work on the energy fields to apply animal energy healing is to help activate, stimulate and facilitate the animals own natural healing ability.

This animal energy healing course demonstrates many gentle hand healing techniques which may be used to help balance the energy field of your pet, animal, mammal or bird to help facilitate the animal’s own natural healing process. Using the natural energy healing ability of your own two hands you can learn techniques for working on the animal’s energy field which may help with many different health problems. You can also learn how to use the healing power of your own two hands to help clear and balance the animal’s chakras to help decrease the intensity of emotional shock or trauma.

Course Layout Overview

PDF Lectures

  • The history of energy healing
  • The principal of bio energy healing
  • Animal energy fields
  • Imbalance in animal chakras
  • Dowsing the animal's chakras
  • Bird energy field, organs, chakras
  • Dog energy field, organs, chakras
  • Cow, energy field, organs, chakras
  • Horse energy fields, organs & chakras
  • Cat energy field, organs, chakras
  • Case Study - Cleo the labrador
  • Dowsing for animal's food sensitivities
  • Case Study - healing a small bird
  • Distant healing guidelines
  • Typical animal healing session
  • How to conduct a therapy session

Dowsing Videos

  • Introduction to dowsing with a pendulum
  • Clearing pendulums & finding yes & no answers
  • Dowse charts for food sensitivities & chakras
  • Self dowse for your own food sensitivities
  • Dowse for geopathic stress, lost objects, water
  • How to make your own pendulum
  • Map dowsing – for geopathic stress in a house or land
  • Pendulum dowsing for food sensitivities in animals
  • Self dowsing for food sensitivities in an animal

Animal Healing Technique Videos

For PREPARATION - we recommend that you watch ‘How to Feel and Sense Energy in your hands and with your hands - video.’
  • Technique - A (Overall balance)
  • Technique - B (Energise)
  • Technique - C (Draw-out)
  • Technique - D (Stimulate)
  • Technique - E (Drag-out)
  • Technique - F (Transverse flows)
  • Technique - G (Diagonal flows)
  • Technique - H (Long spinal flows)
  • Technique - I (Energy boost)
  • Technique - J (Balance)

Animal Healing Application Videos

These are video demonstrations show applications used in combination of 2 or more techniques which are applied for specific health problems.
  • Application - Chakras - Dog
  • Application - Ears
  • Application - Growths, Cysts & Tumours
  • Application - Heart
  • Application - Joints
  • Application - Lungs

Distant Animal Energy Healing Videos

  • Distant healing: Introduction and preparing and using a photograph & sample of hair or feathers.
  • Distant healing: on The Back & Spine
  • Distant healing: on The Colon
  • Distant healing: on The Eyes
  • Distant healing: on the Two Hips
  • Distant healing: Overall Balance technique
  • Distant healing: on the Right Hip
  • Distant healing: on the Right Paw
  • Distant healing: on The Stomach

The next set of sections are (Techniques and applications being demonstrated on various animals).
  • Techniques and applications being applied to – A Bird
  • Techniques and applications being applied to - A Cat
  • Additional techniques & applications being applied to - A Zebra
  • Techniques and applications being applied to – A Cow
  • Techniques and applications being applied to - A Horse

Diploma in Animal Energy Healing Therapy

On completion of the animal energy healing courses there will be a short 10 question exam. Short Exam comprising of 10 questions. This is to allow the course tutors to monitor your progress and encourage you to take notice of important aspects of the course information. You are advised to watch all videos, paying attention to the techniques and applications, as questions will be asked regarding key points in this course. When 9 of these 10 questions have been answered correctly, you will be awarded your Diploma in Animal Energy Healing Therapy.

Animal Energy Healing Course Modules

The Principal of Energy Healing
What is Animal Energy Therapy?
How to Feel & Sense Energy
Animals - Distant Healing
Animal Energy Fields
Animal Chakras & Organs
How illness may manifest
Specific Animal Applications
Energy Fields of Dogs
Energy Fields of Horses
Energy Fields of Cats
Techniques applied to Dogs
Techniques applied to Horses
Techniques applied to Cats
Techniques applied to Cows
Techniques applied to Birds
Explaining the Aura
Layers of the Energy Field
Codes of Ethics
Training Instructions
Techniques continued
Specific Animal Applications
For; Ears, Heart, Joints
Lungs, Back & Spine
Eyes, Colon, Hips
Transverse Flows
Specific Animal Applications
For; the Stomach
Right Hip, Right Paw
Overall Balance
Diagonal Flows
Animal Energy
Healing Techniques
Energise, Draw-Out
Stimulate, Drag-Out
Long Spinal Flows

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