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Animal Energy Healing

A beginner’s guide to how easy it is to learn about Animal Energy Healing

We decided that it might be an idea to show how easy it is to train in and learn our animal energy healing techniques. In this video Patricia demonstrates

The most comprehensive animal energy healing course on line today

The aim of the therapist / healer / practitioner is to activate, facilitate and assist the animal’s own natural inner healing process.

How energy healing is applied to help clear and balance Animal Chakras

There are many techniques and applications in the animal energy healing training course. Learn how to work on an animal’s chakras

How animal energy healing helped to heal an injured horse

Do you ever wish you could help your horse or pet or any other animal or bird that may be sick, suffering or in pain?

Animals communicate using sound for mating and warning of danger

All animals, mammals and birds create sounds. To our human ears some sounds are harmonious and some are not.

How to recognise the signs of ill-health in your pet or any animal

We all want our pets to be healthy, pain free and stress free. It is important to keep a close eye on any pet, animal

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