How to recognise the signs of ill-health in your pet or any animal

How to recognise the signs of ill-health in your pet or any animal

We all want our pets to be healthy, pain free and stress free. It is important to keep a close eye on any pet, animal, mammal or bird in your care. They may show signs of an illness at an early stage.

Watch out for the first signs of ill-health in your pet or animal in your care. This may be pain, lethargy, low energy, or refusing food or drink.

These are the “warning lights” flashing to tell you that you may need to look closer at some aspect of the animal’s health and act sooner rather than later before a health problem escalates or develops into a more serious health concern.

Each organ or system in an animal’s body plays its role

Each cell, organ, gland or system in the body individually play their role and together they synchronise in unison to create harmony and health in the animal's body and help maintain its optimal functioning level. Each organ or system plays its role in synchronicity with every other system, organ, gland or cell in the animal’s body.   

Watching for signs of ill-health

Sometimes there may only be a slight sign of an impending health condition. If this can be detected at an early stage, and action is taken immediately this may prevent a more serious health condition developing at a later stage. For optimum health it is important that all systems and organs are working in harmony and in unison, and the body’s life force energies are flowing freely and balanced.

Early signs of an illness may be refusal to eat, walk or even move. The animal may be experiencing pain in some area of their body. It could possibly be related to some shock, trauma, anxiety or fear.

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Your most asked question
Is bio energy invasive or painful?

No, energy healing is a non-invasive and pain-free therapy that can be applied on or off the body.  If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below.