How Sound Healing  may be  Applied for Injury, Trauma, or Pain

How Sound Healing may be Applied for Injury, Trauma, or Pain

Applying sound healing plus energy healing techniques can be a powerful combination of modalities to help with many health issues. Using this dual approach combining two powerful modalities together may help to activate and promote the person’s own inner healing process.

How the body may react to an injury

When a major accident, injury or trauma occurs, there may be serious physical injuries to the body. The body may react by contracting and tightening to protect itself.

This contraction could have a serious knock-on effect on all muscle groups, organs, glands, bones, tissue and cells. There may also be emotional shock or trauma associated with the incident.

How sound healing & Energy Healing can be applied in a therapy situation

For the emotional shock or trauma it may be necessary to apply energy healing techniques to the base chakra, to help decrease the intensity of the shock or trauma experienced at the time of the incident. Applying these techniques may allow muscles around the site of pain or injury to relax which may also be beneficial in helping the fascia to relax and unwind.

Using sound healing to help relax the body

Once the muscles have relaxed, in turn the fascia may relax and unwind. It may then enable all the muscle groups, organs, glands, bones and tissue to return to their original position in the body. The area where the damage has occurred or pain experienced may then be more easily accessible for the vibrations and frequencies of sound healing to permeate.

A variety of sound healing instruments can then be used for sound healing including, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal quartz bowls, biosonic tuning forks, the human voice, toning, drum rhythms and Chinese Gongs.

Sound therapy may be applied by directing the frequency of sound and vibration to the area of damage or injury in the physical body. The aim of using sound healing vibrational therapy is that by the law of entrainment, resonance occur between the energetic frequencies of the bowl and energy field frequencies in the person’s body.

Using sound healing techniques with Tibetan singing bowls, crystal quartz bowls, biosonic tuning forks, human voice toning, drum rhythms, or Chinese Gongs can help to further relax the overall body. This can help to relax the intensity of tight or damaged muscles to help create balance and harmony in the body’s overall energy field and it may also help to activate and facilitate the body’s own natural inner healing process.

One of the many informative videos on the sound healing course demonstrates visually how water responds to the vibrations of sound. These vibrations from the singing bowl may also have a healing affect as it resonates with the person’s body which is comprised of approximately 70% water. The complete course is presented via 61 easy to understand practical on-demand video lessons. It is comparable to watching a real live workshop or training course in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and in your own time.

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What is a Sound Healer?

A sound healer is someone who is trained in the use of sound healing therapy methods and would use a holistic approach in order to help restore balance to a person’s energy field at a physical, emotional and mental level. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below