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Chest pains, couldn’t breathe & I thought my heart was going to stop

A 65-year-old man attended for therapy complaining of chest pains and some breathing difficulties.

Overweight, mood swings, low self worth and I was bullied in school

I have suffered with anxiety and low self-esteem since my early teens. I was bullied at school because of my weight.

How Energy Healing stopped my teenager’s embarrassing bed wetting

Aoife, a 13 year old teenager started bedwetting again around the age of eight for no know reason.

I’d get panic attacks and be fearful if anyone stood or sat behind me

Carol is 36 years old and has been suffering with panic attacks for most of her life. These attacks had increased

Energy Healing helped after my marriage break-up & depression

Over the last few years I had numerous losses and stresses in my life. My marriage broke up. I lost my home.

I suffered with an overwhelming fear of falling & a fear of heights

John, attended for bio energy therapy because of his overwhelming fear of falling which had started to impact on..

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