Animals communicate using sound for mating and warning of danger

Animals communicate using sound for mating and warning of danger

All animals, mammals and birds create sounds. To our human ears some sounds are harmonious and some are not. Animals use sound to communicate, with other animals and sometimes with humans to warn them to stay out of their territory. Many animals, mammals and birds use sounds to communicate or attract mates.

Animal, mammal or bird sounds are most interesting and the sounds they create are many and varied. To other animals all these sounds have a special meaning. These may be mating sounds, or alarm sounds, or many other ways of communicating.

Beautiful sounds can be created by animals and birds in the early mornings particularly and anyone lucky enough to hear ‘the dawn chorus’ will have a very special and unique experience indeed.
It goes without saying that the sounds created by mammals such as dolphins and whales can be beautiful as can the sounds we sometimes hear of animals in jungles, woods and forests.
It can be interesting to listen to the sounds of nature and in particular the sounds of animals, birds and other creatures. Watch animals that are content, maybe cattle or deer grazing in a field. Watch dogs, cats, rabbits, mere cats or any animal lying in the sun or perhaps birds feeding in the trees or on a nut hanger.
All appears calm and serene, even the sounds they make are sounds of peace, contentment and harmony. That is, until they are disturbed or attacked by a predator or alerted by some noise or disturbance.
Suddenly the sounds these animals were making change from being calm and peaceful to sounds of alarm, distress or danger warning sounds.
Nearby birds might send out shrieking sounds to alert other birds and animals in the vicinity of possible or imminent danger.  

During a storm the howling winds of a cyclone, hurricane or strong winds and the lashing of heavy rain create sounds that suggest clearly that one needs to look for shelter to protect oneself.

This is a far cry from the peace and tranquillity of a warm calm summer’s day. We can learn so much and add to our own personal healing by listening to the sounds of nature and in particular the vast array of sounds created by animals, mammals and birds.

Start today! You can become an animal healer.

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